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Wargames Factory Shock Troops FINISHED

When I took the time out of packing for our move to set up my lightbox and shoot my finished Tau and finished Steam Golem, I also shot finished photos of the finished Wargames Factory Shock Troops that I test painted. I did two test paints: one in a desert color scheme and one in darker olive color. I really like how they both turned out, and I think I’ll be painting the rest of the box in both of these color schemes.

The desert-themed Shock Trooper

Once you get them put together (which is a little more fiddly than I would like, arms-wise) and get them sprayed with your Krylon Camouflage paint (which acts as both primer and basecoat), they paint up pretty quick. I mainly used washes and a few other colors for boots and gloves, and then it was some drybrushing and painting the base and there’s your finished figure. I think it came out pretty well for a test piece, and I’m glad I wrote down the steps (or “recipe”) that I used to paint it, so I can paint eight more of the guys in the box in this same theme.

Two views of the "olive" Shock Trooper

I really like the test I did using the Krylon Camouflage “Olive” color, as well. Again, a very simple color set, but with the Games Workshop washes and a little drybrushing for the metallics and the mud on the boots and the bottom of the coat, it can be very effective. I’m going to paint up eight more guys in this color scheme as well, and then I’ll have nine of each of the color schemes and that’ll be the whole box of 18 figures all finished. Hopefully by then, they’ll have the new Shock Troop heavy weapons team available for sale, and then I’ll have another project.

Sci-Fi Greatcoats: Unboxing to Priming

I’ve been following the development of the Sci-Fi Greatcoat Infantry at Wargames Factory for a very long time now. I threw my hat in the ring and added myself to the initial “pre-order” list for them way back in March of 2009, and kept up on the progress and was glad when I could actually pre-order (with real money, this time) a box for delivery. There were some manufacturing issues, but eventually, a box did finally show up on my door.

Yay for Priority Mail!

I had purchased a package of their cool Zombies a year or more ago for a different project, and their sprues came in a crinkly plastic bag with a color printed piece of card with some artwork. I thought they were fine since I bought them online (I’m not super impressed with packaging usually), but I’ll bet retailers didn’t like the zombies in that configuration since they weren’t very stackable in those bags, and retailers are always thinking about shelving, which makes sense. The Sci-Fi Greatcoat Infantry (now referred to as Shock Troops) come in their own fancy full color box, which probably helps attracting people to them on the shelf and keeps them stacked in nice neat rows, so everybody’s happy.

Fancy-shmancy box

Opening the box gives you six identical sprues. No build instructions, no fliers or marketing junk, and no decals. Just the six identical sprues. I’m okay with this as well, because I don’t see a need for them to waste money on decals when they have no idea what you’re going to use the figures for in the first place. This just mainly keeps the price down (and it’s a very good price). I guess it might be a good idea for them to post a PDF or something that might show you how to put them together and such, as they are a little fiddly. The heads sometimes need to be modified to fit into the neck hole, so make sure to dry fit your models before you start squirting glue.

It's just six of these

The bodies are not super customizable, but they’re simple and not doing something too dynamic, so that might actually help. You might be able to cut the body at the belt and then turn the torso some, but that would be a royal pain in the rear, I suspect. Other than that, there are tons of customization options between the different arms, weapons and heads. Man, each sprue sure does come with a bunch of heads. I trimmed the pieces I wanted off of the sprues, scraped the very little flash off of the models, did some dry fitting, and then got to gluing and texturing the bases. Once they were dry, it was time to prime them with my new favorite: Krylon Camouflage.

Freshly primed with Krylon Camouflage

This paint is great stuff. It doesn’t come in a ton of colors, but it does come in some pretty cool military-type colors, mainly because the military is frequently thinking about camouflage and painting everything in those colors. I wanted some of the guys to be in a sand-based palette, so I went with the Khaki color. I was only able to find it at WalMart, as Lowes and our local Menards don’t carry Krylon for some reason. Believe me, take the time to find it.

This stuff is great because it’s a primer and basecoat all in one, and it uses Krylon’s special Fusion technology, which means the paint is designed to fuse with plastics. So for about six bucks, you get a can of ultra-flat primer (camouflage can’t be shiny) that comes in cool military colors (meaning that it can be your basecoat, too) and can’t be scraped off of plastic models unless you use a knife. This is ideal for a lot of stuff that I like to paint.

Primed and ready

The spray goes on nice and thin, covers well, and dries quickly. I’ll be using it a lot more for plastic figures in the future.

Overall, I really like the look of the figures and how customizable they are. I really hope they continue the line and add more forces in the same style, and I’m really looking forward to painting up a few test pieces and showing them to you as finished models.

Secret Projects are Afoot

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy with work (our annual ‘big deal’ is coming up again and I’ll be surrounded by middle-aged men walking around and looking up very soon) and my hobby time has been taken up with something I’m not quite ready to reveal yet, but you’ve seen hints of it in previous posts. When I do reveal it, you’ll start seeing a lot more about it and I may even produce a video or two. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m also still waiting for my Sci-Fi Greatcoat Infantry from Wargames Factory. Their website says they’re shipping out, but I certainly haven’t seen mine yet. I’ll probably have to send another email and see if they respond.

Missing, presumed dead.

Anyway, I’ve built myself a little travel kit for working on minis. It’s not aimed at painting or even constructing, it’s mainly for sanding, scraping and removing flash and mold lines from figures while I’m away from home. It’s working pretty well, so far; maybe I’ll do a quick write-up about it soon, perhaps before revealing my exciting secret.

Don’t worry, it’s not really that exciting.

Sci-fi Greatcoat Infantry

First, I’m going to be a teenage girl here and say: OMG.

Screencap from the Beasts of War video preview

I saw this video this morning on Tabletop Gaming News, made by the crazy guys from Beasts of War and I purchased one ticket to Bonertown:

I’ve been watching this product from Wargames Factory for a year now, maybe longer. It certainly feels longer. Wargames Factory makes plastic miniatures in tons of different genres (mainly historical), and they also have a section of their site called the ‘Liberty and Union League’ where users can come and suggest figures for Wargames Factory to design. If the idea gets enough votes (via ‘pre-orders’ where no actual money is put down) then Wargames Factory will produce and sell these figures.

The first set of Liberty and Union League minis that I purchased were a set of zombies and they’re fun to build and paint. I’ve used some as playing pieces for our game Zombie Rally when giving demos at conventions, and I want to paint up the rest of them for funsies.

But I’m really looking forward to getting these greatcoat sci-fi guys. They have this very cool vibe of being sci-fi but also looking kind of retro and gritty. They can be the shocktroopers of some draconian futuristic society or post-apocalyptic vigilantes trying to wrest order back from the clutches of lawlessness. I plan to buy a bunch when they come out, which will hopefully be soon.

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