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Sunday’s Results

This is just a quick note about the results of my productive Sunday afternoon. I set up the trusty card table and newspapers and uncorked a new can of Testor’s Dullcote for the first sealant day of the summer. I end up doing a lot of priming during the summer and fall (when the weather is good for it) and then do a lot of painting of those primed figures during the winter. Then, when spring rolls around, it’s time to seal the winter’s miniatures.

A Random Grouping

I took a quick shot of these guys after the Dullcote had dried. In the back, you can see the finished Steam Golem figure from my oxidized metal test. To the left is a grouping of Space Marine scouts (with alternate heads from Pig Iron Productions) and to the right is a squad of Space Marines. These “blue & bone” figures are all part of my yet-as-unnamed mercenary unit that I’m building for skirmish games like Flying Lead. And in the foreground are two Tau Fire Warriors that I’ll be talking about soon.

I’ll be breaking out my fancier photo equipment for miniatures photography soon so I can talk more about these different sets in depth, but I thought this would be a good teaser for now.

A Wasted Month and Painter’s Block

Again, I’ve been away for a good long time, and you should be receiving your hand-written apology letters by courier any day now. Go check your porch to see if maybe they left it out there while you were away. I’ll wait here.

Anyway, April was mainly destroyed by the preparations for and the occurrence of my brother’s wedding, in which I was best man. Then, I traveled to Seattle for work and a tiny bit of vacation.

Seattle is great, you should go there

After returning from the Great North-wet (it didn’t rain that much while I was there, but at one point I was pelted with hail while the sun was shining) I had seemed to have lost my desire to paint. I’ve always found that if I’m not in the mood to paint, then I need to take a week off, and then try and force it. If it still seems like a chore, I give it some more break time and then force it again. I just keep this cycle up until I finally look forward to painting when I’m not painting. Like right now, I’d rather be home painting than typing up this blog post on my lunch period at work. Therefore, I’m back in the saddle, if you will. Maybe give this a try next time you have painter’s block, and let me know how it works for you. Your mileage may vary.

Since I’m re-saddled, I have almost completely finished another squad for my merc unit. They’re six space marine scouts, including a metal space marine scout sergeant or captain or something with a cape. He’s the last to finish in this group, and he’ll probably be done tonight. I’ll try to take photos this weekend and then decide what to paint next.

Finally Getting Some Miniatures Done, Part 1

Have I mentioned in the past that I’m a slow painter? I am. A very slow painter, unfortunately. But this past weekend, Eric and I had another Paintpocalypse and I got a bunch of stuff done. Behold:

The first squad of my 'yet as unnamed' mercenaries

I don’t play the Warhammer 40,000 ruleset, as I have mentioned in the past. However, I love their ‘fluff’ (backstory, novels, artwork, etc.) and think that they make some of the coolest miniatures in the industry. So I ended up with a few bits and pieces that I had come across here and there, and I eventually had an idea to create a mercenary unit for a different sci-fi miniatures game (in this case, Flying Lead, which can use any miniatures) and then I’d have an excuse to cherry pick a bunch of space marines (and the like) to build my merc unit.

I eventually decided on a color scheme (the reasons behind it will appear in a later post) and slowly started working on these six marines. All of the figures except the soldier with the rocket launcher are newer, plastic space marines that I bought off of a guy I know who sells miniatures on eBay. The figure with the missile launcher is an older, metal marine and I purchased him when I was still in college. That means it took me at least 15 years to get him painted. I’ll probably need to work a bit faster than that in the future.

Anyway, I mostly like the way they turned out (I need to get that guy with the pole on his back some sort of flag or banner or something) and have two other squads completely built, based and primed, waiting to also be painted in this matter: a squad of five or six space marines mainly kitted out for melee combat and a squad of six space marine scouts with the lighter armor and the fancy cloaks. I’m not sure which group I’ll start next.

Saturday Miniature Paintpocalypse

One of the supreme bonuses to not having any children is that on weekends, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want. My wife and I have spent many a Saturday laying around, playing video games, watching movies, going out to eat, etc. We also frequently spend our weekends enjoying our respective hobbies (my wife loves to knit and spin yarn, and I like to nerd it up with the miniatures, as you may have noticed) which also makes for a very good time.

The negative to not having children is that when we’re old, there better be awesome robots to take care of us, otherwise we are boned.

However, this weekend was not spent thinking about the impending non-robot apocalypse, it was spent painting miniatures. My good friend Eric came over and worked on his Blood Angels (he has an entire company that he’s starting, so he’ll be scraping mold lines and filing and gluing for a long time) while I happily painted away on several different projects at once.

The stars of this past Saturday

In the back row of the photo above, you will see the start of my sci-fi mercenary company. I don’t play Warhammer 40,000 but I do like a lot of their miniatures, specifically the Space Marines and the Necrons. I’m planning on using the above marines in Mutants and Death Ray Guns and in my own upcoming miniatures game, as well. I’ve got my color scheme nailed down, and these guys are nearly done as you see them here, they just need some touching up, their bases painted and then a coat of clear varnish for protection. You’ll notice the squad leader on the right, the missile soldier on the left and four riflemen in the middle. They’ve been fun fun to paint, but I’ve been going a bit slowly, like I do.

In the front row, we have three ‘fantasy-type’ miniatures. The middle figure is Eiryss, the Mage Hunter (or whatever) from Warmachine. She’s a good figure to have in my army, but this sculpt is horribly ugly and a pain in the ass to paint, so she’s kinda getting painted slowly. You may be seeing a pattern here, but there was some advancement on that front.

The two outside guys in the front row are both from Reaper Miniatures and they’re nearly done. They were both fun to paint, as every Reaper miniature I’ve ever painted has been. I’ll be using them for Song of Blades and Heroes (a great game, by the way) and I’m looking forward to painting the other three Reaper miniatures that are constructed and based on my desk.

When I get all of these miniatures finished, I’ll shoot good photos of them so you can check them out.

Saturday Night Gaming

My friends Peter and Lee came over on Saturday night and we played some Space Hulk (Games Workshop) on my dining room table. I forget the name of the scenario, but Lee and I each had a squad of five terminators that consisted of a sergeant, three soldiers and a soldier with a flamer gun. Peter had an infinite number of genestealers, and needed to destroy (in close combat) a back wall in a certain room by the end of the 16th turn. It had something to do with the genestealers stopping the terminators from using the vent systems to gas all the genestealers in a large portion of the ship, or something. Mainly, the issue was this: Lee and I had to survive and defend for 16 turns versus as many unholy genestealers as Peter could throw at us.

Kinda got a clump going on over here, guys. Guys?

Kinda got a clump going on over here, guys. Guys?

I, personally, made a few small tactical errors. Also, my dice rolling was absolutely cursed. So as that progressed, most of the genestealers were finding it easier to traverse through the side of the complex I was trying to guard. You might say I was the weak link in our two-link chain. It was problematic at best.

The three of us just came by to say hello

The three of us just came by to say hello

In the end, our last two terminators fought valiantly in the control room they were tasked to defend, but the onslaught was too great, and they finally succumbed to the horde of ripping claws and gnashing teeth. However, we actually survived until turn 14, which upon seeing my earlier tactical mishaps and epically foul die rolling, was a lot later than we had suspected we would last. Our soldiers still died in vain (some more than others) but at least it wasn’t a total blow-out.

I think we all had a lot of fun, and playing with Peter’s painted Space Hulk set was awesome, as usual. I would like to host more game nights like this at my house. Hopefully, when our new miniatures game gets closer and closer to beta, we’ll be able to play more games like this. I do really enjoy the modelling and painting and terrain building and all that, but it really becomes fun when you can (finally!) actually get a chance to use all the little bits and buildings.

20-year-old Genestealers

So my very good friend Peter accidentally got me into miniatures back in the very early 1990s. He and I were in college, and he introduced me to Space Hulk from Games Workshop. He had just recently gotten it, and we started playing it in our group. I remember pouring through the booklets when I was watching him and our other friends play. I was keenly fascinated by the ‘fluff’ (the storyline and background and art and design) of the game and of the Warhammer 40k universe in general. I’ve been interested in the ‘fluff’ ever since, even if I really don’t like the game.

Recently, Peter decided to run Space Hulk for the kids in the gaming group at the high school where he works. However, after all of these years, none of the figures were painted. Many of the genestealers didn’t even have all of their arms glued on. He wanted to get them all constructed, simply based and painted before the group’s next game day, so he came to me. However, we only had two weeks to get it all done: 28 genestealers and 14 terminator space marines. It would be tight, but by splitting the workload, we figured we could do it.

The quickly-painted defenders of humanity

The quickly-painted defenders of humanity

It turned out that by using plenty of the excellent Games Workshop washes, we were able to get them all constructed, based, primed, painted, washed, detailed and varnished in exactly two weeks. They were simple, but they looked nice, and we made our deadline, so that was what counted.

The quickly-painted horde

The quickly-painted horde

As it turned out, genestealers may be the nearly perfect quick-paint army. We spray-primed them with the bleached bone spray primer from Army Painter, painted the claws and tongues red, then just washed them several times with the Delvan Mud wash and picked out some other parts (mainly their backs) with the Badab Black wash. Hit them with the Dullcote and stick a fork in them, they’re done. I think they turned out pretty well, and he said the kids really liked them. Hopefully he (and I) have instilled the miniatures bug in the next generation of nerds. What more can we hope for?

Well, we can hope to play a few games of Space Hulk pretty soon, but I think we should be taking care of that next weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to shoot some photos of the figures actually in play.

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