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A Convention, a Chaos Rhino and a Computer Meltdown

Wow, that month went by quick. Sorry about the long stretch between posts. Things have been very busy.

Busy with what, you ask? Well, I was busy getting ready for the Fire & Ice convention in Manitowoc at the end of February. It’s a great local convention that hits at nearly 400 attendees. It’s filled with boardgames, RPGs, miniatures, card games, vendors, a costume contest, a Warhammer 40k tourney, and a lot more. It’s a great time, and I always look forward to going each year.

Running a miniatures demo for weirdos

This year I ran Song of Blades and Heroes demos, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It’s always fun to run that game, and it was enjoyed by those who played. I had some problems getting prepared, as I seem to have lost (since the move) my big shoebox full of plastic D&D Minis that I use for demos like this. Luckily, as my wife and I were looking, she found a box of old Mage Knight minis, and I stayed up late building four small warbands the night before the convention. Everything worked out, even if the MK minis are of really lousy quality and I ended up not getting much sleep.

I also shot a lot of video while I was there, and did some interviews with the coordinators of the convention and of the 40k tourney. It was my first two camera shoot, and hopefully you’ll be able to see the results of the shooting soon. Keep looking here for more on that.

Since we last talked, I started building a Chaos Space Marines Rhino kit from Games Workshop. It’s a neat little kit, but it’s the first one I’ve ever built, and it hasn’t gone together as well as I’d like. I glued the inner bulkhead in a bit crooked, so now the whole vehicle is a bit crooked. I’ve been justifying it to myself by saying: hey, they’re Chaos Space Marines. If it was built perfectly, it wouldn’t be chaotic, would it? I should have the build finished this week, and I’ll probably put some photos of it up here.

Lastly, I was greeted on Saturday morning with a desktop PC that wouldn’t boot. I asked it why, and it told me it was because I didn’t have a hard drive. I assured it that indeed, I did have a hard drive and it clarified its position by saying that I didn’t seem to have a working hard drive. After hours of dinking around and driving back and forth to the computer center, I did have to agree that I did not have a working hard drive. Now I have to buy a new computer (and I have a strong suspicion that it won’t be another Dell) and go through all of that. I’m not sure if I want to build my own or buy a pre-built machine. I kinda need to figure it out quickly, though. If you have any suggestions, please let me know below or on my Contact page. And then, I get to go through the long process of re-installing all of my software and trying to get my digital life back in order. It could certainly be worse; I could be dead in a ditch somewhere.

Big Plans for 2011

2010 was a good year for me overall, and I feel grateful for it. As it related to hobby gaming, however, 2010 could have been better. Without spending too much time looking back, I’d like to look forward to 2011 and touch upon the things I’m planning to accomplish this year.

I got an ‘okay’ amount of gaming in last year, but I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked, due to the move to a new home in the later part of the year and all the packing and unpacking and whanot that that entails. Therefore, I plan to do more gaming this year and hopefully I’ll be able to do that in my Nerd Bunker, once it’s completed. I want to play plenty of skirmish games (Song of Blades and Heroes, Flying Lead, AE-Bounty and a few other small indie games) and more Warhammer 40,000 this year, the latter which has already occurred in 2011 (albeit not in the Nerd Bunker) which is a good start. Plus I plan on going to several conventions this year, including Fire & Ice, Adepticon, Chaoticon, GenCon, OshCon (natch) and maybe even RockCon.

A Random Grouping

I didn’t paint quite as much as I would have liked in 2010, again, due to the move later in the year. However, I did get a good number of Tau Firewarriors done and I have some Pathfinders and a dozen Kroot that are very nearly done. Also, I got a bunch of my mercenary unit for use in skirmish games finished, and even some Reaper fantasy minis at the beginning of the year. But again, it wasn’t quite enough, and I can do better.

One way I can hope to do better is to make it easier for me to paint, and to that end, I’ve purchased an airbrush and a compressor. I’m really hamstrung at this time of year because it’s too cold to spray figures outside, and I won’t use rattlecans in the house because of the propellants. However, once I get the little room under the stairs in the Nerd Bunker turned into a proper spray booth, I’ll be able to prime minis down there and do basecoating and highlighting with the airbrush, which will allow me to paint larger armies (like one plays with in Warhammer 40k) quickly, and absolutely breeze through smaller squads for skirmish gaming. The only difficult part about getting this room set up (besides moving all of the books and other debris out of there) is getting the ventilation system installed, so that the propellants can be blown outside. I’m thinking a bathroom fan should do the job. Hopefully this won’t be too big of a deal, and I’ll be able to start working in there soon.

Lastly, I didn’t complete any terrain projects last year, and I really have to be better about that this year. If I’m going to be gaming in my basement I’m going to need to make more terrain. The upside to gaming in the Nerd Bunker will be that I won’t need to lug all of my stuff around as much to play in other venues, so larger terrain pieces won’t be such a problem.

I want to blog more this year and do a few more feature articles and tutorials instead of just the run-of-the-mill ‘this is what I’m doing now’ check-ins that I’ve usually done in the past. I’d also like to start some sort of outlet (a webzine PDF, a podcast, a collaborative website, etc.) to talk about skirmish miniatures games. Even though I’m getting into Warhammer 40k, my first love is still skirmish games, and there are so many indie games in that market that I’d have plenty of topics to talk about. So I plan to do more of those things in the coming year.

Also, I’ll be working with the lads at Beasts of War some more, including videos and interviews at Adepticon 2011 and GenCon 2011, if not more. I might even be able to make a recurring video segment about the creation of the Nerd Bunker that’ll show up on Beasts of War. That would be cool.

So yeah, I’ve been mentioning the Nerd Bunker a lot on my blog, but that’s because it’s going to be a pretty big project. I’m only really working on the cleaning and the painting at this point, but after that’s all done, there’s a lot more work to do, and plenty of it that I’ve never done before: adding lighting, adding wall switches and electrical outlets, and then building the 4×6-foot gaming table. So my main goals this year in the basement are to get things done as quickly as possible so that I can build the gaming table as soon as it starts getting nice outside, which around here usually means April at the earliest. It gives me some time. Then will come the organization and setting everything up, and then will come the sweet, sweet gaming.

I have a lot to look forward to this year, including many new opportunities, including building my Nerd Bunker and paint spray room (things I’d never be able to do while still renting), learning more about airbrushing and Warhammer 40k, and hopefully doing more work with Beasts of War. All in all, I’m really looking forward to 2011.

Gen Con Booty Report

So, as I’ve mentioned, I was at Gen Con in Indianapolis a little while ago. It’s not just a place to get together and play games and demos and tourneys, it’s also a place to buy things. Many, many things.

Stuff I bought home from Gen Con... and a cat

The black case at the top of the photo is from Max Protection, and it was billed on the packaging as a “Miniature Case 2.0” and the photo showed a troop-style foam cutout inside. I found when I got home an opened it that it did not have that kind of cutout inside, it had spaces for card decks. Maybe I can fit warjacks in those holes, we’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll have to see if Battlefoam can cut me a custom piece of foam for it, which will cost more than I paid for the bag, but it’ll be worth it.

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Fire & Ice 2010

This past Saturday and Sunday I spent most of my day in the Manitowoc County Expo Center, waist-deep in other nerds like me at the 10th annual Fire & Ice gaming convention in Manitowoc, WI. As always, I had an excellent time.

Soldiers stalking through the battlefield

On Saturday I ran two games of Flying Lead (Ganesha Games) and that was really fun. I’m enjoying this game more and more the more I play it. I brought some of my terrain and set up a 4×4-foot playspace and used some of Rackham’s excellent AT-43 miniatures for the two forces. After a pretty quick description of the rules, the games moved along quickly for the players. That’s what really makes Flying Lead (and several other of the Ganesha Games’ line) so much fun to run at conventions.

The orc leader seems a bit perturbed.

And speaking of other Ganesha Games, on Sunday I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes for a couple of friends of mine that were attending the convention. It was a group of orcs and goblins versus a band of humans and there was a fancy scenario involved, too: in the very middle of the board, there was a crate on the ground. Also, on each starting side, each player had a crate available to them, as well. However this crate was up on a hill, instead of down on the ground. To win, a player needed to capture two crates and bring them back to their starting side of the playspace. Therefore, it started as a sprint for the crate in the middle of the board. Lee (playing the human group) made a quick dash out to the center, grabbed the crate and hoofed it back to his starting side, scoring his first crate and putting Tim into a situation, you might say.

However, Tim and his band of orcs and goblins stepped up and stopped Lee’s humans from capturing their second box and winning the game. They did this by brutally slaughtering the entire group of humans down to the last man. Lee’s luck had abandoned him; he could barely roll above a 2 on his six-siders. On the other hand, Tim was ‘throwing rocks’ as we like to say, and the worm had turned.

Fire & Ice is a great convention and there were tons of people there, easily 500 over the three days, if not more. And they have a game auction, which is always a good time. I picked up a 15-year-old game still in the original shrinkwrap for $65. Sweet. I’ve really been thinking about trying to set up a game auction at OshCon this year. I’ll have to ponder on it more.

Dwarves vs. Orcs

Dale came over Saturday afternoon and we played a game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It was his first time playing, so we just played a simple “kill all the guys on the other team” kind of scenario, as opposed to some sort of “fancy business” scenario. I had a bunch of short-legged dwarves and he had a bunch of orcs and goblins.

Hot dwarf-on-orc action!

My guys were of higher Quality and had higher Combat values, but I only had six of them, and no ranged attacks. Dale had 10 orcs and goblins, but they were weaker units, in general. However, he did have several units with bows. At first, it didn’t seem very fair, and my dwarves were really rolling well for activations (but a bit lousy for combat rolls) and things seemed to be going my way. But then, I started blowing several crucial activation rolls, and then I started losing dwarves. It finally ended with me just squeaking out a victory due to a pretty brutal series of morale rolls that caused the rest of Dale’s team to run off the board.

Also, during the last week, I downloaded and printed Ganesha Games’ newest rules set, Flying Lead. This is a more modern set of rules able to recreate eras from World War II to near-future. After my first read-through, it seems to me to be a more detailed set of rules, in my opinion, than any other set of Ganesha Games rules. I’m really looking forward to being able to play it soon.

Just a Little Fantasy

Tuesday night, instead of playing the Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) game like we usually do, Lee and I played Song of Blades and Heroes (Ganesha Games) instead, which is a great little fantasy skirmish miniatures game. It was an enjoyable time.

Guess who's NOT getting up this turn?

The game moves really quickly (especially with the kinds of rolls we were having: I was throwing rocks and Lee could barely get above a 2 on a D6) and we were playing with really small warbands to kind of test it for Fire & Ice at the end of the month. Each of our warbands was only 100 points, and each player usually plays with a force three times that size. It still scales pretty well, and I was home in time to watch Jon Stewart.

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