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Gen Con Booty Report

So, as I’ve mentioned, I was at Gen Con in Indianapolis a little while ago. It’s not just a place to get together and play games and demos and tourneys, it’s also a place to buy things. Many, many things.

Stuff I bought home from Gen Con... and a cat

The black case at the top of the photo is from Max Protection, and it was billed on the packaging as a “Miniature Case 2.0” and the photo showed a troop-style foam cutout inside. I found when I got home an opened it that it did not have that kind of cutout inside, it had spaces for card decks. Maybe I can fit warjacks in those holes, we’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll have to see if Battlefoam can cut me a custom piece of foam for it, which will cost more than I paid for the bag, but it’ll be worth it.

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If I Had a Hammer…

Another recently finished figure is this fighter who speaks softly and carries a big hammer.

Nice hammer, man

He’s a great model by the brilliant sculptors at Reaper Miniatures. I knew I wanted to use him for Song of Blades and Heroes as soon as I saw him. He’ll make an excellent leader for a human warband.

I used a bunch of Games Workshop washes, like I do, and did very little drybrushing. The chainmaile was drybrushed, but nothing much else. I cannot stress enough: if you’re not using the washes, you really oughta give them a try. They’ve made my painting a whole lot better.

Saturday Miniature Paintpocalypse

One of the supreme bonuses to not having any children is that on weekends, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want. My wife and I have spent many a Saturday laying around, playing video games, watching movies, going out to eat, etc. We also frequently spend our weekends enjoying our respective hobbies (my wife loves to knit and spin yarn, and I like to nerd it up with the miniatures, as you may have noticed) which also makes for a very good time.

The negative to not having children is that when we’re old, there better be awesome robots to take care of us, otherwise we are boned.

However, this weekend was not spent thinking about the impending non-robot apocalypse, it was spent painting miniatures. My good friend Eric came over and worked on his Blood Angels (he has an entire company that he’s starting, so he’ll be scraping mold lines and filing and gluing for a long time) while I happily painted away on several different projects at once.

The stars of this past Saturday

In the back row of the photo above, you will see the start of my sci-fi mercenary company. I don’t play Warhammer 40,000 but I do like a lot of their miniatures, specifically the Space Marines and the Necrons. I’m planning on using the above marines in Mutants and Death Ray Guns and in my own upcoming miniatures game, as well. I’ve got my color scheme nailed down, and these guys are nearly done as you see them here, they just need some touching up, their bases painted and then a coat of clear varnish for protection. You’ll notice the squad leader on the right, the missile soldier on the left and four riflemen in the middle. They’ve been fun fun to paint, but I’ve been going a bit slowly, like I do.

In the front row, we have three ‘fantasy-type’ miniatures. The middle figure is Eiryss, the Mage Hunter (or whatever) from Warmachine. She’s a good figure to have in my army, but this sculpt is horribly ugly and a pain in the ass to paint, so she’s kinda getting painted slowly. You may be seeing a pattern here, but there was some advancement on that front.

The two outside guys in the front row are both from Reaper Miniatures and they’re nearly done. They were both fun to paint, as every Reaper miniature I’ve ever painted has been. I’ll be using them for Song of Blades and Heroes (a great game, by the way) and I’m looking forward to painting the other three Reaper miniatures that are constructed and based on my desk.

When I get all of these miniatures finished, I’ll shoot good photos of them so you can check them out.

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The Statistics – 2013

Minis games played:
• WH40k (1850 pts):
   BT/GK vs Kevin (Eldar/DE) LOST
• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Jason (D.E.) LOST
• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
Minis finished:
 none yet
Terrain finished:
 none yet
Cons attended:
 Fire & Ice
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