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Finished Tau Firewarriors

A few weeks ago (before moving into the new house and all of the activities that involves) I finished my Tau Firewarriors. I now have 12 standard Firewarriors (with pulse rifles) and two “leader” Firewarriors with differently painted shoulderpads. This allows me to field two squads of six standard Firewarriors, or two squads of six standard Firewarriors with leaders, or a full squad of 11 standard Firewarrirors and a leader, or a full squad of 12 standard Firewarriors, etc. You get the idea.

A bit of a gaggle

They turned out pretty well, I think. Using the colored spray primer from Duplicolor, and the quick orange spray from above, they painted up pretty quickly. I can’t stress this enough when painting a big squad or many figures for an army: write down your recipe for the figure. The “recipe” is the steps you take to get it from start to finish. You paint yourself up a test figure or two, and make notes as you go, step-by-step. Include names of paints and how many coats. Did you drybrush this step, and where? This really, really helps if your memory is as lousy as mine, and probably even if it isn’t.

The red-orange avengers for the Greater Good

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out for how quick and easy they were to paint up. You gotta love the Tau, with their smooth surfaces and simple details. No skulls. No wings. No skulls with wings. Just easy lines and a generally monochrome nature, if the official artwork and fluff is to be believed. Perhaps I’ll post my step-by-step recipe for my Firewarriors at some point so you can see how quick and easy I ended up making them.

As a side note, I need my photos to get better. I don’t know if I need to redesign my lightbox for taking photos, or if I just have to get my settings dialed in a bit more, but the photos just aren’t quite where I want them, yet.

And now, what am I working on? Kroot, of course. For those not in the know, the Kroot are mercenary “savages” that work for the Tau (kinda) and are much, much better at hand to hand fighting than the shooty Tau. They’re unarmored and wear little more than skins and very little else. They carry longrifles that also double as slashing clubs, and they’re the descendants of bird-like reptiles or something like that. They look cool, and the models are neat. In game terms, they’re the speedbump that assault armies will have to plow through before they can properly defile my poor Firewarriors / Crisis Battlesuits / Hammerhead tanks and whatnot in hand-to-hand combat. Hopefully the Kroot sacrifice will allow my shooty troops to get at least one more shot off at their foes before they get sawed in half, but we shall see.

Current Work and Skeletal Robots

I’ve been busy with non-hobby intrusions into my time (like working a lot, sleeping a bit, etc.) but I have gotten some hobby-related things done since my last post. I even have some pictures.

The Manhunter, a work in progress.

The Manhunter, a work in progress

I’ve been painting my Khador Manhunter from Warmachine (Privateer Press) with the idea that some day, I’ll actually have enough figures ready to play without it just being a ‘battlebox’ game (meaning just the warcaster and the warjacks that come in the starter box for a given faction). Finishing some solo characters is a good way to break up the monotony of painting a whole squad of Widowmakers or Iron Fang Pikemen (I dread that day already) so I’ve been attacking this guy. This is just a snapshot taken with my little camera in the window on a cloudy day. I haven’t added any base colors to the gloves, the axe heads or most of the base yet, but I like where it’s going. I’ve always felt that the Manhunters wouldn’t be all decked out in red like most of the Khador army, mainly because of their ‘loner’ status. I might add some red to the three bars on the front of his hat or I may just use some thin red paint and an old toothbrush to make him splattered in blood. I’m not sure yet.

Robots + Skeletons = Awesome

Robots + Skeletons = Awesome

These guys I finished painting quite some time ago, but with the release of the new Terminator movie, I thought I would break them out and shoot them in the old lighting box. They’re from em-4 Miniatures in the UK and they were pretty easy to paint. I did get a little fancy with the basing, which turned out okay. It was one of my first attempts to make slightly fancier bases than the usual ‘glue, sand, drybrush’ technique and I think they turned out rather well.

Lastly, on Sunday my good friend Dave helped me by cutting out a whole bunch of MDF board to my specifications (I kind of helped) so I can start my modular urban battle board. I didn’t take a picture because it’s mainly just a pile of oddly-shaped MDF pieces on my kitchen floor, but as I start more serious work on them, I’ll show you some WIP (work in progress) shots.

The Start of My Khador Force

I finally got my lighting box built and all set up for taking photos of miniatures and such. The images are turning out okay, but I might need to keep tweaking my camera technique.

My Khador Juggernaut warjack

My Khador Juggernaut warjack

This is a Khador Juggernaut warjack from Warmachine (Privateer Press). The warjack was kind of difficult to paint because it was so big. I’ve never painted a miniature that was so large. It was also problematic to construct, as the two pieces of the torso on Khador warjacks never fit properly together, and leave a gap. I used “green stuff” epoxy putty to close the gap.

The warcaster and her 'jack

The warcaster and her 'jack

The warcaster Sorscha was fun to paint. I used the standard colors for a Khador army, but I painted her differently than her image on the box or most of the examples I found online. I mostly like how they both worked out. I didn’t dip these models (for once) but used a lot of the Games Workshop washes on them for detailing and shading. I can’t suggest those washes enough. They work great.

I may add some static grass to the bases, but other than that, they’re done. Now I need to get moving on the other warjack in the battlegroup, the Destroyer.

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