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Painting, Playing, and Tournamenting

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not a word.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty long time since my last post, but it hasn’t been because I’ve been slacking. Things at work have changed, so I’ve been considerably busier on that front. I’ve been working later and even from home in the evenings here and there, so my time has been at a premium.

Generally, I’ve spent it pretty well, I think. I had a Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol tournament in January, and I wanted to run a different Chaos Space Marine list than the one I ran at the last tourney. Therefore, I needed to paint ten Khorne Berzerkers (which I had never painted before) in time for the tourney so I’d have a new list.

My January Combat Patrol list

The tournament went okay. It was five rounds, and I had a win, two losses, and two draws. I had never used Khorne Berzerkers before (pro-tip: try and use a unit type that you’ve never played before at least once before a tourney so you have a vague idea what you’re doing) and they worked well in some situations. In nearly every round, my Rhino troop transport only made it one or two turns before being immobilized or out-and-out destroyed, so it pretty much was business as usual on that front. I got to play five games in a day and against people and armies I don’t usually play against, so I look at it as mission accomplished.

I also was finally able to get in a game of Flying Lead from Ganesha Games with my man Lee. We had not played it in a long time, so it was also a bit of a re-learning experience as well. We got together at my place in the Nerd Bunker and played on one of the smaller 4×4 boards.

My AT-43 figures jockeying for cover

It was just a simple game of elimination. No objectives, no secondary or tertiary bonus points, just a simple game of killing everyone on the other team. It started out slowly, with the both of us trading shots to little effect. I started to do some work, knocking down a few of his guys and making them seek cover. I had three soldiers in my squad who had the Stealth special rule, and they were giving Lee some problems. Then, the tide turned, my dice betrayed me, and Lee made some really smart moves, charging my stealthed soldiers and wiping most of them out. Then he sniped my Leader, which caused a morale check for the guys who were still left… and then things pretty much ended. It was a good time and I’m hoping to get together and play more Flying Lead, and hopefully teach a few other people the game.

Then, it was already time for another Combat Patrol tournament at my local gaming store (they’re trying to run more tournaments this year; I think it’s a good idea) and, as usual, it seemed like time to try yet another list. This time, I wanted to bring two squads of Plague Marines and a squad of Havocs (heavy weapons specialists) so I needed to paint five of the Plague Marines (one with a plasma gun)  and three of the Havocs (all in Black Legion colors: a missile launcher and two heavy bolters) in a week. I didn’t need to paint all 15 guys in the list as I was able to use five Plague Marines and two Black Legion from my current group of painted figures. Also, this time I wasn’t bringing a Rhino.

They're not the 'Dirty Dozen,' they're the 'Unclean Fifteen,' I guess

This was only a three round tournament (since it was on a Sunday) and I played against an Ork Killer Kan list (known around these parts as a ‘Kan-wall’), a Dark Eldar list run by my good friend and painter extraordinaire Samson, and a ‘vanilla’ Space Marine biker and scouts list. I got pretty badly mangled by the Orks (though I did take out a few Killer Kans); Sam’s Dark Eldar beat me in the screwy mission goals, but I blew up all three of his crazy-ass flying pirate boat-things, so that made me feel better (seriously, I think it was the best game I’ve ever played against him); and though I beat the Space Marine biker player in the mission goals, there were so many weird secondary and tertiary bonus points and objectives (that he accidentally ended up claiming) that we ended up tying the game in points, so it was scored as a draw.

It was still a generally decent time, but it is starting to make my want to play some large, “normal-sized” games soon. Combat Patrol is a 400-point list per player; usually 40k is played with army lists ranging from 1500 to 2000 points per player. As soon as I get my two Chaos Vindicators built (I started on one of them on Sunday night and it’s more than half done) then I’ll be able to field a 1750 point list. They won’t be painted, but they’ll be built and I can start playing friendly games with people and use lots and lots of toys, like the aforementioned Vindicators and a Daemon Prince and Terminators and all kinds of cool stuff. I’m looking forward to it, I just wish there was more time in the day to build and paint and play (and blog) more.

Micro-review – Dwarf King’s Hold

I picked up Dwarf King’s Hold from Mantic Games right after I got back from Adepticon 2011. Mantic had been at Adepticon so I could have gotten one from them directly, but I had already pre-ordered it from my local shop back home, so I waited until I got back. I had pre-ordered it on the advice of my friends at Beasts of War, who had done several videos about it before it came out.

DKH is a great little game if you want something for two players that straddles the miniatures and boardgame genres. It’s a fun little dungeon crawl with a generally elegant rules system. It’s a little like a smaller scale Space Hulk but with the fantasy trappings that Mantic have been pushing instead of aliens and power armor and whatnot.

The game comes with a bunch of printed cardboard tiles that are fit together in many different ways, depending on the scenario being played. These are put together to build the dungeons that the players fight in. There are also action chips, a few scenery tiles, injury chips, and things like that. It also comes with a bunch of dwarves (or as they call them, dwarfs) that I don’t very much like the look of (personal preference) and a whole lot of undead skeletons and revenants (20+ figures) that I do very much like the look of. I actually bought a bunch of Mantic skeletons at GenCon two years ago for use in Song of Blades and Heroes and they’re great. The dwarves and the undead are molded in different colors of plastic, so if you don’t bother to paint them, they’re still pretty easy to tell one team from the other.

It doesn't look good for the short team

Lee and I played the introductory scenario Tuesday night after I finally got the last of the figures glued together and the tiles and chips all punched out. It’s one of those games that doesn’t seem to make much sense at first, and then through playing starts to come into focus and make sense, and then you really start to see where the strategy comes in. We still had some questions here and there (and Mantic’s site could really, really use a FAQ or something) but we enjoyed it and will be playing it again.

tl;dr – Dwarf King’s Hold is a fun little two-player dungeon crawl with lots of dwarves and even more undead and an elegant and enjoyable ruleset.

Tuesday Night’s Game

Lee and I got together at House of Heroes last Tuesday night to play a game of Flying Lead, something that had been pushed to the back burner for quite awhile due to playtesting Lee’s Fear and Faith scenario for OshCon and the introduction of Zombie Dice, which will push a lot of things to the back burner (like eating and sleeping). We were planning on 600 point squads on a standard 3×3 foot board. We got everything set up and got started after some after-work chatting and a quick nosh.

No, it's not hiding, it's strategy

We used a lot of terrain, as one does with skirmish games like Flying Lead, and then positioned our teams. Lee won the roll for first turn (which never happens) and started moving his men up. Upon my turn, I did the same. We traded shots for a bit back and forth, and then… first blood. I dropped one of Lee’s soldiers and then used a few other figures in my squad to finally mop him up.

Shortly after that, things went poorly for me. Lee got a lucky shot off on my leader and I rolled really badly for his defense, and he was knocked Out of Action. This caused me many problems, the worst of them being that a Leader-type being killed or knocked Out of Action causes an automatic Morale check. One of my regular soldiers ran off as did my Medic character, which really hurt my chances. Without a Medic character, my Out of Action leader couldn’t be revived, so he was effectively dead. Did I mention that my leader also had the Sniper skill? So in one shot (and a few lousy Morale checks) my squad had been relieved of its leader, medic, a foot-slogger and my only character with Sniper.

They call him Mister Heavy Weapon Guy

However, Morale can work both ways. I had soon worked my last remaining personality, a figure with the Hero special ability and a really big gun, into a firing position and messed up a few of Lee’s men. Then, in the next turn or two I was able (with a pretty lucky roll) to knock Lee’s leader Out of Action. This caused him to make Morale checks, and it turns out that most of his remaining figures were actually big girl’s blouses. After all the running and crying and soiling of body armor, Lee had one lone figure left. And then eventually that guy was killed.

By the way, the scenario was to collect the most of the three items on the board, but in our group, the games rarely end that way.

The important thing we both learned that night was that Morale can be a real son of a gun and if your leader isn’t completely hidden in cover, then you should not put figures you want to keep too close to the table’s edge in case they end up R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

Looking Forward to Gen Con

I completely forgot to mention how much I’m looking forward to Gen Con this year. I missed 2009 and it feels weird when I miss it. It’s usually Friday or Saturday of that week before I realize why I seem out of sorts. I’ll be at work or something and realize that the disturbance in the nerd force that I’m feeling is actually from a very high concentration of gamers in Indiana and I’m not there. It feels a little like gas, but in my head.

Anyway, I am going again this year, and it’ll be with many of the lads from the Consoles and Cardboard podcast, good men all. I’ve been on the podcast a few times and I’m looking forward to the drive and sleeping on the floor in the hotel room and all of the related wacky shenanigans. I’m also trying something new this time in that I registered for games and demos ahead of time, instead of just fumbling around and trying to find stuff to do. I’ll be playing demos of MERCS, Leviathans, Reich of the Dead, Injurious Games, Gearmageddon and Malifaux.

I’ll also be hitting the dealer room, ‘natch. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but I’ll probably do some bitz shopping and look for some terrain, too.  Otherwise, I’m just gonna look and see what’s there and let the cash fall where it may, as it were.

Man, I wish it were Tuesday, August 2nd instead of Tuesday, July 20th. Oh well.

In other news, I’m playing Flying Lead against Lee tonight and I’m going to crush his face, unless I don’t. Then I won’t.

A Bit One-Sided

Lee and I got together on Saturday and played another game of Flying Lead. It was a simple game of 600 points with six objectives on the board. The first person to capture an objective would roll a D6, and on a six that would give them a point. Once the second objective was captured, the point would be given on a roll of a five or a six, and the third objective would be scored on a four, five or six, and so on.

A well-protected position

I had five figures on my team, and I believe Lee had six. I had a Leader/Hero and a Medic/Sniper for my personalities, two standard grunts with assault rifles and a heavy gunner with a light machine gun. Lee had a leader and several combat medics, a few other soldiers and a figure with a flamethrower, which I was rather nervous about, as I had never fought against a flamethrower before.

However, luck was on my side, and not on Lee’s (as is frequently the problem) and I got the first objective and rolled a six. Therefore I was in the lead, objectives-wise. I also started making a series of pretty lucky shots, knocking one of his combat medics Out of Action pretty early on. His flamethrower turned out to be pretty ineffective, as well. He used it on me several times, but his attack rolls and my defense rolls added up to my figures wearing asbestos underwear, evidently.

Eventually, Lee’s leader was killed outright, which made for a nasty morale check that cost him another soldier, leaving him with one. At this point, I had been very lucky and hadn’t lost a single man. In the end, it was just a case of my soldiers ganging up on his last figure and finishing the game.

It was a good time and I’m looking forward to playing again. We’re getting the rules figured out more and more, so the play goes along pretty well. We’re really looking forward to some sci-fi expansion rules, perhaps covering power armor and jump packs. Hopefully we’ll see them soon.

Fire & Ice 2010

This past Saturday and Sunday I spent most of my day in the Manitowoc County Expo Center, waist-deep in other nerds like me at the 10th annual Fire & Ice gaming convention in Manitowoc, WI. As always, I had an excellent time.

Soldiers stalking through the battlefield

On Saturday I ran two games of Flying Lead (Ganesha Games) and that was really fun. I’m enjoying this game more and more the more I play it. I brought some of my terrain and set up a 4×4-foot playspace and used some of Rackham’s excellent AT-43 miniatures for the two forces. After a pretty quick description of the rules, the games moved along quickly for the players. That’s what really makes Flying Lead (and several other of the Ganesha Games’ line) so much fun to run at conventions.

The orc leader seems a bit perturbed.

And speaking of other Ganesha Games, on Sunday I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes for a couple of friends of mine that were attending the convention. It was a group of orcs and goblins versus a band of humans and there was a fancy scenario involved, too: in the very middle of the board, there was a crate on the ground. Also, on each starting side, each player had a crate available to them, as well. However this crate was up on a hill, instead of down on the ground. To win, a player needed to capture two crates and bring them back to their starting side of the playspace. Therefore, it started as a sprint for the crate in the middle of the board. Lee (playing the human group) made a quick dash out to the center, grabbed the crate and hoofed it back to his starting side, scoring his first crate and putting Tim into a situation, you might say.

However, Tim and his band of orcs and goblins stepped up and stopped Lee’s humans from capturing their second box and winning the game. They did this by brutally slaughtering the entire group of humans down to the last man. Lee’s luck had abandoned him; he could barely roll above a 2 on his six-siders. On the other hand, Tim was ‘throwing rocks’ as we like to say, and the worm had turned.

Fire & Ice is a great convention and there were tons of people there, easily 500 over the three days, if not more. And they have a game auction, which is always a good time. I picked up a 15-year-old game still in the original shrinkwrap for $65. Sweet. I’ve really been thinking about trying to set up a game auction at OshCon this year. I’ll have to ponder on it more.

Just a Little Fantasy

Tuesday night, instead of playing the Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) game like we usually do, Lee and I played Song of Blades and Heroes (Ganesha Games) instead, which is a great little fantasy skirmish miniatures game. It was an enjoyable time.

Guess who's NOT getting up this turn?

The game moves really quickly (especially with the kinds of rolls we were having: I was throwing rocks and Lee could barely get above a 2 on a D6) and we were playing with really small warbands to kind of test it for Fire & Ice at the end of the month. Each of our warbands was only 100 points, and each player usually plays with a force three times that size. It still scales pretty well, and I was home in time to watch Jon Stewart.

A Quick and Dirty Game

So, as part of my 2010 resolutions, I planned to play more miniatures games. Since it’s still January and the wheels haven’t come off of this whole ‘resolution’ thing just yet, Lee and I got together to play a small game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games.

We got together at House of Heroes on Saturday afternoon and set up a small 3-foot square map with some simple terrain I had brought from home. We modified the rules a bit and didn’t randomly create our squads.  We had four squad members each: a leader, two riflemen with assault rifles and we each had a specialist. I had a sharpshooter and he had a grenadier. The teams looked pretty equal to us (the MDRG rules don’t have a traditional ‘points’ system for making stats… the building rules should be coming out soon in a free supplement) and then we started playing.

Measuring range in Mutants and Death Ray Guns

The game mechanics are quick and elegant so things were moving fast. We were trading shots from cover, knocking each other down a few times, and then eventually there was a first kill. I think it was one of Lee’s troops, but I don’t remember completely. I really need to start taking better notes if I’m going to do more after action reports.

Lee kept playing aggressively and moving his units up. He killed one of my units and then started lobbing his grenades. My sharpshooter (easily my MVP of the battle)  scored a gruesome kill on one of his riflemen and caused a morale check. His soldiers were made of stone I guess, because only one of them ran for cover a little bit.

His grenadier ran up and lobbed an excellently placed grenade that could have killed one of my riflemen and my leader, but due to my excellent defensive rolling (for once) they were just both knocked down. Had this gone poorly, the game would have been really short.

Soon after, my sharpshooter killed Lee’s leader, causing another morale check. On this check, his remaining two units completely stood firm. I have to assume that they didn’t like that guy anyway, and were glad to see him dead.

Then my leader died, and it was just my sharpshooter versus two of Lee’s troopers, a rifleman and the grenadier, who was now out of grenades and only had a pistol. The pistol didn’t save him, as my valiant sharpshooter was able to get the drop on him and shoot him when he was knocked down, killing him. Unfortunately, the plucky sharpshooter’s luck had run out, and Lee’s last rifleman got the drop on him.

We had a really good time and felt that the squads were pretty evenly matched. Lee played pretty aggressively, which I’m pretty sure helped him in the end. I think we’re both interested in playing again soon, maybe with squads of five.

Saturday Night Gaming

My friends Peter and Lee came over on Saturday night and we played some Space Hulk (Games Workshop) on my dining room table. I forget the name of the scenario, but Lee and I each had a squad of five terminators that consisted of a sergeant, three soldiers and a soldier with a flamer gun. Peter had an infinite number of genestealers, and needed to destroy (in close combat) a back wall in a certain room by the end of the 16th turn. It had something to do with the genestealers stopping the terminators from using the vent systems to gas all the genestealers in a large portion of the ship, or something. Mainly, the issue was this: Lee and I had to survive and defend for 16 turns versus as many unholy genestealers as Peter could throw at us.

Kinda got a clump going on over here, guys. Guys?

Kinda got a clump going on over here, guys. Guys?

I, personally, made a few small tactical errors. Also, my dice rolling was absolutely cursed. So as that progressed, most of the genestealers were finding it easier to traverse through the side of the complex I was trying to guard. You might say I was the weak link in our two-link chain. It was problematic at best.

The three of us just came by to say hello

The three of us just came by to say hello

In the end, our last two terminators fought valiantly in the control room they were tasked to defend, but the onslaught was too great, and they finally succumbed to the horde of ripping claws and gnashing teeth. However, we actually survived until turn 14, which upon seeing my earlier tactical mishaps and epically foul die rolling, was a lot later than we had suspected we would last. Our soldiers still died in vain (some more than others) but at least it wasn’t a total blow-out.

I think we all had a lot of fun, and playing with Peter’s painted Space Hulk set was awesome, as usual. I would like to host more game nights like this at my house. Hopefully, when our new miniatures game gets closer and closer to beta, we’ll be able to play more games like this. I do really enjoy the modelling and painting and terrain building and all that, but it really becomes fun when you can (finally!) actually get a chance to use all the little bits and buildings.

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