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More Fancy News

Even though Gen Con was a hectic time for me this year (and it can be hectic for anyone, depending on the type of convention-goer you are), I’m finding myself missing it already and looking forward to next year, or at least the next convention I’m attending. It was a good year for me, not only because of all the demos I got to try and the stuff I got to buy, but because of the interviews I got to shoot during the convention.

Several more videos have been released on the Beasts of War site, including interviews I did below:

Mercs Minis New Stuff at Gen Con | Soda Pop Miniatures Meets BoW – Pop! | Pulp City Gen Con Announcements | We chat with Romeo from Battlefoam at Gen Con 2010 | Privateer Press Talk About Upgrade Kits & Their Video Game

I’ve got a few more interviews that the lads across the pond will be putting up in the coming days, including an interview with Catalyst Studios about Classic Battletech and their upcoming game, Leviathans. I’m looking forward to Leviathans and hope I can do an review of it for Beasts of War when the game is released.

In the coming days on this blog, I’ll go through some of the sweet purchases I made while at Gen Con, so check back for that. Also, I’ll be finally prepared to reveal my top secret project I’ve been teasing you with, so you’ll be able to finally go on with your lives. Thank goodness for that.


Fancy News

What, just because I titled the first Gen Con post ‘Day Zero’, you thought I was going to be posting daily updates? Perhaps you haven’t been to Gen Con, then. Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no time for blogging at Gen Con.

I especially have no time this year, as I have fancy news: I’m one of three North American correspondents at Gen Con 2010 for Beasts of War, the best damn wargaming video site out there. I’ve been hitting the floor, getting interviews with game companies and talking to bigwigs. You can check a few of our videos here:

Gen Con Coverage Kick Off!The guys over at Gen Con chat to Mantic Games | Pre-Built and Painted Modular Gaming Buildings | World Works Games Announce Terraclips | Dark Age Games Rulebook Announcement

We’ll be having more videos coming soon, and I’ll actually be in several of them, instead of just my hand holding the mic. We’ve been having some really problematic internet-related issues. It seems that Indiana just got internet a few weeks ago? Something along those lines. Anyway, we’re hoping to get it sorted soon.

Keep watching here (or more likely the Beasts of War website) for more reports as they happen.

On the Ground at Gen Con, Day Zero

It’s Wednesday and I’m here at the convention center. I have picked up my badge, gotten my swag bag (pretty light on swag, actually… I blame the economy) and I’ve met up with people I needed to meet up with. Now it’s time to grab some food and stay out of the out of doors, as it’s super-duper hot and nasty outside.

I’ll probably have some hush-hush fancy news to spring on you in a bit, so make sure to stay on this page and keep hitting ‘refresh’ on your browser until then. You can take a break to use the bathroom, but that’s it.

Looking Forward to Gen Con

I completely forgot to mention how much I’m looking forward to Gen Con this year. I missed 2009 and it feels weird when I miss it. It’s usually Friday or Saturday of that week before I realize why I seem out of sorts. I’ll be at work or something and realize that the disturbance in the nerd force that I’m feeling is actually from a very high concentration of gamers in Indiana and I’m not there. It feels a little like gas, but in my head.

Anyway, I am going again this year, and it’ll be with many of the lads from the Consoles and Cardboard podcast, good men all. I’ve been on the podcast a few times and I’m looking forward to the drive and sleeping on the floor in the hotel room and all of the related wacky shenanigans. I’m also trying something new this time in that I registered for games and demos ahead of time, instead of just fumbling around and trying to find stuff to do. I’ll be playing demos of MERCS, Leviathans, Reich of the Dead, Injurious Games, Gearmageddon and Malifaux.

I’ll also be hitting the dealer room, ‘natch. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but I’ll probably do some bitz shopping and look for some terrain, too.  Otherwise, I’m just gonna look and see what’s there and let the cash fall where it may, as it were.

Man, I wish it were Tuesday, August 2nd instead of Tuesday, July 20th. Oh well.

In other news, I’m playing Flying Lead against Lee tonight and I’m going to crush his face, unless I don’t. Then I won’t.

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The Statistics – 2013

Minis games played:
• WH40k (1850 pts):
   BT/GK vs Kevin (Eldar/DE) LOST
• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Jason (D.E.) LOST
• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
Minis finished:
 none yet
Terrain finished:
 none yet
Cons attended:
 Fire & Ice
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