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Versus the Dark Eldar

This past Thursday night, I got to play another big (well, big to me) 1750-point game of Warhammer 40,000 in the Nerd Bunker. This time it was against Jason and his evil (and proud of it) Dark Eldar. I’ve played a bit against Sam’s Dark Eldar in the past, but always at lower point values. My games against Sam have always been Combat Patrol games in the 400- to 500-point range, and I’ve always lost (although in our last game, I only just barely lost) so I was interested in seeing what was going to happen in this game.

So many flying purple pirate ships

First of all, Jason started putting his flying purple pirate ships on the table. Then he put more on the table. Then more. Eventually his Battle Foam of Holding finally ran out of Ravagers, Revengers, Reapers, Rammers, and all the other ones and the table was then covered in a surprising number of Dark Eldar “vehicles” and they all had vicious-looking spikes on the front, which I know (through limited experience) to not be spikes at all, but actually guns, designed for destroying vehicles. They were good at doing their job of making me nervous.

Uncle Tickles gets left behind because he's too 'husky' to get into a Rhino

I started spreading my guys out and moving up my Rhinos filled with Khorne Bezerkers and Chaos Space Marines, all itching for battle. I hoped. Since Uncle Tickles is in terminator armor, he was too fat to fit into a Rhino (allegedly) so he had to walk. Also walking instead of riding were a group of Plague Marines who seemed to be of particular interest to the Dark Eldar, as they dispatched a surprising amount of forces to deal with my band of scabby soldiers.

Probable impending doom

Mandrakes and Wytches and several flying purple pirate ships headed quickly toward my group of Plague Marines because Jason utilized a strategy and a maneuver that I had learned about on some podcast I had been listening to but had completely forgotten about. This put my Plague Marines into a bit of a pincer and they were in trouble. Luckily, Uncle Tickles was retasked to come help them, but since the battle dynamic had changed drastically, it took him a bit longer than was strictly helpful.

The Wytches aren't scared of Uncle Tickles

Tickles got there just in time to see the Plague Marines finally die in a hail of Razor-whips and other weird-ass Dark Eldar stuff. I hoped that Uncle Tickles would be able to get in there and do a bit of the old slice and dice, but then I remembered (too late) that pretty much that even the worst Dark Eldar forces usually have a higher initiative that the best power armored troops (be they regular Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines) so they all got to strike first, killing the poor Uncle in hand to hand before he even got to do anything. For being a bunch of old blue-hairs, they’re pretty spry.

That’s kind of the thing I learned about the Dark Eldar: they’re all about the offence. They’re excellent in hand to hand combat, as long as they go first (which, to be fair, they usually do) and their little pirate ships can do a lot of shooting and really mess you up. In one single shot, one of Jason’s purple boats fired a single gun (that actually looks like a spike, but whatever) and killed three of my Obliterators (75 points x 3) before they really got to do anything. If you can hit them, they tend to crumble, but you have to try to live long enough to be able to hit them. For me, that was the hard part.

"Hey guys, our ride's gone... maybe we should spread out."

The hard part for Jason in this particular game (and the only reason that I only lost by a score of 6-5) was actually destroying my vehicles. Make no mistake: he messed all of them up. Every single one of them. Both of my Vindicators were immobilized with weapons destroyed. My Dreadnought was in the same boat. But try as he might, shot after shot, he couldn’t get the ‘Wrecked’ or ‘Destroyed – Explodes’ result he wanted on the Vehicle Damage Results chart that would have given him the extra kill points to really make the game a blow-out victory. He did destroy one Rhino and a few of the Berzerkers died in the resulting explosion, but I think that was the only vehicle of mine that he destroyed in the whole game.

In the end, it was a fun time and I look forward to playing him again. My tactics could use some work, and my list needs a bit more tweaking. I need to add some more vehicle killers into my army, in my opinion. But this is why I play: to learn more and to get better and to have fun. And, I’m playing another 1750-point game in a few days, so I’ll probably have another story for you after that.

Glittery Death and Some Redemption

Just a quick post about a few games of Combat Patrol I played this Memorial Day weekend. I started really poorly and then improved.

First, I played against Sam and his dreaded Dark Eldar again. I tweaked my 400 Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol list to (hopefully) counteract what I assumed he’d be bringing to the table. I brought five Havocs (instead of the six Chosen I usually run with) and armed them with a normal bolter marine, a missile launcher, two heavy bolters and a lascannon. I was going to try to keep them in cover and hopefully reach out and pop his speedy (but delicate) vehicles. Due to the costs of the heavy weapons in the Havoc squad, I had to reduce my normal CSM troops squad from 10 (including Aspiring Champion) to nine, but I added in an Icon of Slaanesh to raise my Initiatve so I wouldn’t be so outclassed when I got into combat with the tricksy Dark Eldar. (Spoiler alert: This didn’t work. At all.)

Long story short, Dark Eldar went first, and killed everyone in my Havoc squad except the lascannon guy. I fired one shot from him in my shooting phase and exploded one of Sam’s transports, killing a few of the Dark Eldar riding inside. That was, frankly, the last cool thing that happened on my side for the rest of that game. Quite unnecessarily, Sam’s dice were on fire that day. The battle report in my head is just snippets of glitter cannons and crying and gnashing of teeth, and then it was over. Another win to the Dark Eldar.

My Chaos Space Marine squad, preparing to rush slightly forward

Later, I got to play against Mike and his tryout list of generic Space Marine Scouts. He proxied a bunch of Sam’s old Ultramarines, Orks and Plague Marines and took to the field, infiltrating his entire force. I set up next because I was going second, as usual. Things went much better for me in this game, and I had switched back to my normal CSM 400-point Combat Patrol list. My dice rolling got slightly better (although I did get several Gets Hot! results in a single roll with with my Chosen plasma gunners, luckily they passed their armor saves) but at the end, I had won the secondary and tertiary objectives, while we had a draw for the primary objective.

I need to start texturing bases of my Combat Patrol forces really soon, so I can get to priming and then painting. While I’m working on that, I’ve discovered that if I finish a few more larger pieces (Chaos Dreadnought and a Daemon Prince) I’ll be able to start playing 1000 point battles with the stuff I’ve built. Maybe I can get finished on both of those pieces (they’re both started) this weekend, if I have time.

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