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The Start of a Dreadnought and a Nurgle Daemon Prince

Just a quick post to show you a few photos of two bigger projects that I’m working on: a Chaos Dreadnought converted from a Venerable Dreadnought that I picked up on eBay; and a Nurgle Daemon Prince made out of Finecast.

My converted Chaos Dreadnought, nicknamed “Zoidberg”

I wanted to field a Chaos Dreadnought (even though they used to be super-unpredictable in the rules but were recently fixed some) but the current model is terrible: it’s metal, so it weighs a ton; and it’s prohibitively ugly. Really, really ugly. So I figured I’d convert a loyalist Dreadnought and say that it was corrupted by Chaos, etc. I found a mostly built Venerable Dreadnought on eBay and picked it up. All it really took was a good deal of work with my Dremel to properly pit and corrode the model and then adding in the tentacles that are escaping from the inside of the vehicle, and boom: Chaos Dreadnought. Lastly, I primed and highlighted it with my airbrush and now I’m starting to lay down a very dark blue with Secret Weapon Miniature’s line of washes. Once that’s done, I’ll move onto metal details.

The Finecast Nurgle Daemon Prince, before priming and shading (left) and after (right)

The Nurgle Daemon Prince is something I was always interested in, but again, he was always metal and the last thing I want is a metal model that’s the size and weight of a baseball. However, he was recently re-released in Finecast (Games Workshop’s new resin line of models) which is lighter and a bit easier to work with, but the models are usually poorly cast and filled with pits, bubbles, and other surface imperfections. But, since he’s a Nurgle Daemon Prince (who’s already covered in boils and other horribleness) I figured that being a poorly-cast Finecast model wouldn’t matter. This was mostly true, but I did have to use my heat gun to straighten out his sword, which came to me pretty bendy. He went together pretty easily and I added some tiny little skeletal wings to his back, because a Daemon Prince without the Wings rule is like a day without sunshine. I’ve started to paint his skin a bright green color (using “Fallout” and “Green” washes from Secret Weapon Miniatures again) and look forward to trying some rust and corrosion techniques to his sword and armor.

I’m really looking forward to getting him and Zoidberg all finished up. After these guys are done, then I’ll either be moving on to some more Plague Marines or (more likely) some vehicles, like my two Vindicators. They need to be painted up so they start working better in my battles. Everyone knows that painted models work better, so once all my Chaos Space Marine force is finished, I’ll be nigh-invincible, I assume.

Uncle Tickles Revealed

So, the dread Chaos Lord Avunculus Titillacus (Uncle Tickles for short) was introduced during the battle against Kevin and his Ultramarines a few weeks ago. I liked him so much, I decided he needed to get painted as soon as possible. I’ve been working on him the last few nights and a bit of last weekend, and here are some preliminary shots of him 99% finished.

Preliminary photos of Uncle Tickles

I think there might be another touch up or two here and there, and of course he’ll need to be sprayed and sealed with Dullcote if the humidity ever drops below 80% outside, but otherwise I think he’s done. I like how the lightning claws turned out. I painted them a color called ‘Sky Blue’ (either Vallejo or Reaper paints, I just remember it was in a dropper bottle) and then used my airbrush to do a white fade from the tips. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to do all of my lightning claws from now on, and may try to use the same effect for all power weapons (except power fists, probably) going forward.

He was a fun model to build and paint, and I want to thank my good friend Eric for getting me the kit for Christmas. I have another one to build, and I’m trying to figure out what kind of specs I want him to have. I’m kind of thinking of making the next one a Chaos Terminator Sorcerer, and maybe make the new one a little more Thousand Sons themed perhaps. Or is there something better to do with a Chaos Terminator Lord kit? If you have any ideas, I’d love to see them below, and I’ll get proper fancy lightbox photos of Uncle Tickles and Ol’ Drippy maybe even this weekend.

Nurgle Chaos Lord Conversion – Work in Progress

I figured I’d make a short post and show you the progress I’m making on my Nurgle Chaos Lord conversion, which I first mentioned in a post from a few weeks ago. I like how he’s turning out so far.

Nurgle Chaos Lord conversion

In spectacular 360-Vision!

I did the priming in black with my airbrush, making him the first single figure I’ve primed with my airbrush (I primed a vehicle a month ago with it). I used the Vallejo Black Primer (the bottle, not the spray) and it works great. And easy, really smooth coat that’s easy to get in all the nooks and crannies. Priming with the airbrush also wastes a lot less paint. I’m really looking forward to doing more priming soon.

The basecoat green was also done with the airbrush, using Vallejo Model Air paint. I tried to only get it to come down from the top to give the illusion of highlight and shadow. You can’t really tell how well it worked in these shots, as they’re lit by the shoplight on my workbench which throws off a heck of a shadow by itself. Hopefully, when the figure is finished and I shoot pictures of it in my lightbox setup, then the effect from the airbrush basecoating will really stand out.

So for now, I’m adding some washes to the skin and I’ve painted his chainmail loincloth (*shudder*… pinchy) all metallic, so next it’ll be painting a dark metallic color on his boots and wrists, then figure out what I want to do with his shoulderpads and those big honkin’ spikes.

Airbrush Lessons and Terrain Painting

Multiple Golden Demon-winning painter and good friend Sam and his brother John came over on Saturday to show me some airbrushing tricks and best practices. I learned tricks on cleaning my airbrush, how to properly mix color and how to apply and blend that color on the model you’re painting. I learned a lot and put some of it into practice before Sam left. I’m really looking forward to trying it out on some figures soon (probably USCR guys from MERCS) and another Chaos Rhino or two and some terrain, of course. So, so much terrain.

Sam working on a Blood Angels Land Raider (for my friend Eric) while explaining the finer points of airbrushing

However, between coats of color on the Land Raider he was painting to show me examples, we stalked about the Nerd Bunker to find something for me to practice airbrushing. I usually have a bunch of primed or half finished projects lying around. One thing we did find (but decided not to airbrush) was a statue from the Honoured Imperium terrain set from Games Workshop. After looking it over and discussing how to best paint it, I got to it.

A work in progress, but it's looking good so far

It’s turned out pretty well so far, especially the green patina effect on the bronze statue. I need to paint the base of the statue to look like stone, and then do a few touch ups with a wash in some of the darker areas, but then it’ll be done. Maybe, if I ever get a second one of those statues, I’ll do a step by step tutorial about it if people are interested. Also, I’ll make sure to take fancy photos of this project when it’s all done.

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