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All of My Videos from Adepticon 2012

All of the Adepticon 2012 videos I did for Beasts of War are now finished editing and up on the site. It was a hectic weekend and a long week-and-a-half afterwards of editing and uploading more than a dozen videos, but the work has been well-received and I figured I’d link to the videos here. More exposure for these kinds of things is always good.

We shot thirteen videos over two-and-a-half days

Here they are in chronological order (as they were published, not the order they were shot):

Now to do some more videos from the Nerd Bunker (so many unboxings to do) and “rest” until it’s time for Gen Con in mid-August.

Quick Notes from Adepticon 2012

I attended my second Adepticon this past weekend and I have to say that I enjoyed myself just as much as I did last year. Eric and I left early on Friday morning and got to our hotel (we don’t stay in the hotel that the event is held in, we stay in a hotel across the adjacent Target parking lot which is cheaper and has better amenities) around 11a.m. or so. We checked in, unloaded our stuff and headed over to the convention to do recon and meet up with friends for lunch.

The big 40k Championship tournament on Friday at Adepticon

The main 40k championships were already hopping. 240-ish contestants were playing all day Friday to end up with 16 finalists for the big final day on Sunday. I’m not going to lie to you: there were a lot of Grey Knights players there. A lot. After lunch, several of us started playing a game called “There’s One” which played like this: a person standing in the middle of the tourney area pointed in any random direction (even behind them) and said “There’s one,” and the rest of us would determine if the player was in fact pointing at a Grey Knights army. If he was, then we all won, or possibly lost, depending on your point of view. But I digress.

Totally sweet Dark Eldar display board for the team tourney on Saturday

There was some amazing-looking stuff there, however. Nearly everywhere you looked, there were great looking armies sitting on the tabletop. It’s really refreshing to go to a tournament and see painted figures pretty much everywhere. That, and the decent terrain supplied by the Adepticon organizers, really made these games look epic which is a big part of why I enjoy playing.

I only went to the big bitz seller once this year; I was very proud of myself

Adepticon is also a great place place to pick up deals, and not just from the regular vendors that take up a third of the main hall. I assure you, I did visit many of those vendors (and picked up my Forge World order… woo-hoo no shipping cost!) but the real deals come out at night, after the tournaments and before they kick us out at midnight. After the tournies, people take over the gaming tables and the whole area becomes one huge gaming garage sale. This year I picked up a brand new Space Marine Predator kit (only thing missing was the shrink-wrap on the box) for $30 (retail is $50) and 10 Space Marine Scouts (new on the sprues) for $15 (retail would be $40-ish) and a whole bunch of “bitz” for my current Chaos Space Marine army and my upcoming Black Templar army. It’s also a great time to meet people you haven’t seen in a long time and people you may only know from online and just talk shop and laugh.

Some of the 40K Championship Finals were broadcast on the web

By Sunday, my voice was starting to go and I was bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. The 16 finalists in the 40k Championship (fully half of which were Grey Knights players) were sequestered away in their own special room, and die-hards were watching the matches and speaking to each other in hushed tones, like at a golf tournament. Some of the matches were broadcast online, which was sort of neat. I had a few more interviews to do (I had been shooting for Beasts of War all weekend like last year) and then we finally said our goodbyes and made the three-hour trip back home.

Overall, it’s a great convention. Some day, I might play in one of the Combat Patrol tournaments for fun, but I’d never play in one of the big tournies (except maybe the team tournament if we got to make wacky matching t-shirts and all that stuff and went for one of the obscure awards) because it seems pretty grueling and then your game is no longer fun. I do really enjoy going and seeing it all, though, and I suspect I would still go (at least one day) even if I wasn’t playing in any of the tournaments or shooting for Beasts of War. Speaking of which, take a look at my preliminary walkthru from Friday if you get the chance.

Adepticon Videos (Including Dan Abnett) and Two Combat Patrol Wins

The last of my Adepticon 2011 videos was posted at Beasts of War on Sunday. We filmed an even dozen of them over three days. It was a great convention and I got to interview vendors with cool new products, a couple of great authors, and some interesting characters. I’m already looking forward to next year.

My interview with Dan Abnett

Here are the links to the videos from this year in chronological order:

Adepticon is a great convention for a bunch of reasons, but I really like it because of the focus of purpose: It’s all about miniatures, and pretty much nothing else. In a world of gaming conventions having to try to appeal to all kinds of gamers, it’s great to attend an event this big where we’re all on the same page.

Two games of Combat Patrol played on each of two Sundays in a row? And two wins for me in a single day? Either I hit my head and imagined it all or I actually pulled off two wins on this past Sunday. I tweaked my Chaos Space Marine list a little bit after asking for advice and thinking and scheming:

9 Chaos Space Marines, 1 x Meltagun, 1 x Flamer
Aspiring Champion w/ Power Weapon
w/ Havoc Launcher
245 points

6 Chosen Chaos Space Marines, 3 x Plasmaguns
153 points

398 points total

I first played John’s Space Fists. They had littered the battlefield with my bones the last time we played, and he had tweaked his army list a bit to take out some unnecessary fluff. We played with a single objective marker this time, and used modified scatter rules to see where it would end up. Luckily for me, it ended up pretty close to my deployment zone, so after John went first (as he always does), I rushed out my Rhino full of marines and had them deploy in cover near the objective. I had used my unit of Chosen to Infiltrate before the start of play and though they were a bit beat up in John’s first phase, they still did a bit to annoy one of his rear echelon gunline units. The rest is a bit of a blur: My Rhino exploded and the troops that had jumped out started taking fire. They eventually got into assault with a group of John’s Fists and my Aspiring Champion with his Power Weapon started finally doing his job. He and the rest of his unit took out one group and then met up with another group right by the objective. When the smoke cleared, my Black Legion were still standing. Well, two or three of them were. Unfortunately, they were the only troops I still had on the board, while John still had a couple of gunline units with many big guns still mostly untouched. However, they were pretty far away from the objective, and my measly survivors were within the needed three inches to hold the objective… and it was the end of turn five. That meant that we had to roll a die to see if the game ended now or moved on to turn six, and as it turned out the game ended right then, which made me the winner winner, chicken dinner.

I’ll be very honest here: If the game had gone on to a sixth turn, I would have absolutely lost in the first shots of John’s shooting phase, and I would have left nothing but a wet stain on the landscape. Luckily for me, the game ended at the end of turn five and I had played the objective and stayed in the three inch radius required to keep it and John didn’t have enough guys forward to contest the objective. Otherwise, the game would have gone to him; he’s a better player (I have less than ten games of WH40k under my belt) and his Space Fist list is pretty damn brutal. But overall, it taught me something important: Play the Objectives.

In the second game, I played Ted’s Imperial Guard again. His list was identical to last time, except he’d swapped out the lasguns the majority of his veteran troopers carried with shotguns. Again, the objective scattered over to my side. I got to go first and placed my Rhino and declared my Chosen would be Outflanking instead of Infiltrating this time. My Rhino ran up, popped smoke, my Chaos Space Marines hopped out, his snipers got shot at a bunch (but they took it much better this time), his Chimeras rolled up on his turn, the usual stuff. There were a few stand out moments: When my Chosen got to come in on turn two (as I hoped) on the side of the board that I had hoped and got into a big battle with one of his Chimeras, destroying its weapons and messing up its troopers. When his other Chimera exploded, killing outright a few of the troopers inside. When my Aspiring Champion waded through his troopers, splitting them in twain with his Power Weapon. And finally, when Ted’s last scoring unit (the empty Chimera with no remaining weapons) tried to Tank Shock my last few forces sitting on the objective at the end of turn six, and my meltagunner responded with a Death or Glory attack that ended up destroying the Chimera and killing him in the process. That was a good game. I’ll have to make sure to remember to paint up the meltagunner extra nice to honor his achievements.

So, all in all, I won two games that day and learned some important lessons. I’m looking forward to making a few small tweaks to my list and playing again. I know I won’t be playing in any tournaments at Adepticon next year, but I might try my hand at a tourney at a local shop some time soon, if I can get some more games under my belt.

Back From Adepticon and Some Sunday Combat Patrol

Adepticon was a lot of fun and I’m definitely looking forward to going again next year. I ended up doing nearly a dozen interviews for Beasts of War (including an interview with author Dan Abnett…  swoon) and hopefully they’ll have more than three of them up soon. Unfortunately, as soon as Adepticon finished, the BoW guys started Grey Knights Week, so there wasn’t much time for Adepticon videos. Eventually there’ll be more posted on the site, and you can check out all of the videos tagged “Adepticon 2011” on the Beasts of War site by checking this link: so feel free to check back later to see if more have been posted. Also, while I was there I bought a lot of bitz. Remember the pile I showed you in my last post? I went back on Saturday and bought slightly more than that again. I may need a treatment program.

A friend of mine played in several Warhammer 40k 400-point Combat Patrol tournaments during Adepticon, and we all sort of caught the bug. I actually played two games yesterday with a new Chaos Space Marine list I cobbled together:

10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 x Meltagun, 1 x Missile Launcher
Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher
180 points

4 Chosen Chaos Space Marines, 2 x Plasmaguns
Aspiring Champion w/ Power Weapon
220 points

400 points total

It was fun and it went okay. Sorry for the crappy cell phone photos.

John's Crimson Fists (read: Space Wolves)

First I went up against John’s Crimson Fists, which he plays as Space Wolves. This makes them either Crimson Wolves or Space Fists, I guess. Feel free to use whichever nomenclature you prefer. Either way, they burned me down to the ground and salted the earth afterwards. He had a few missile launchers and a whole lot of heavy bolters. It was pretty messy. I believe that in the end, I had killed three of his models, so I guess that’s something. He didn’t completely skunk me.

Ted's Yellow Coats

My second game went better for me. I played against Ted and his Imperial Guard list. He had two Chimeras with multilasers and a bunch of guardsmen, many with plasmaguns. Things didn’t go great for him. Right off the bat, I ran my Rhino full of regular CSM right up on his sniper team, popped smoke from the Rhino and my troops piled out and lit up those snipers. This caused several of his poor snipers to die and the rest to run away. On the second turn, my outflanking Chosen rolled in and started causing trouble for Ted’s Chimeras, but not as much as Ted’s troops caused themselves: In one turn, three of Ted’s plasmagunners (firing from inside their Chimera) killed themselves with “Get’s Hot!” results (this means that their plasmaguns overheated and they died; it’s basically a critical fail) so that helped me out a whole bunch. In the end, neither of our forces looked great (I had lost all of my squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines) but I had gotten 3 kill points to Ted’s 2, so it was technically a win. I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, it was really good to get some games in and I want to tweak my list some and play again soon. I’m finding that actually playing Warhammer 40k seems to inspire me to build and paint more. Imagine that.

Adepticon and Me Fondling My Bitz

Just a short post: I’m here at Adepticon in Lombard, IL just outside of lovely Chicago. Adepticon is one of the largest independent tabletop miniatures conventions out there, and I’m here shooting videos and doing interviews for Beasts of War. It’s been a busy first day with a few setbacks (handheld microphone stopped working!) and some great finds (the bitz seller from GenCon is here!) to fill my day.

To those that aren’t nerds like me: bitz are the individual pieces that make up the models that we build in our wargaming hobby. When you buy a kit, you get a sprue (fancy word for the frame that holds all the pieces together) and you cut the pieces you need off of it. You’re usually left with leftover pieces, and most modelers just throw them in a drawer for another day. However, some places sell them for cheap, and if you’re the seller at the convention today, you bring literally more than a ton of bitz to the convention, all individually bagged and priced in tiny ziplocs, and categorized by type (Space Marines, Tau, Ork, etc.) and some of these pieces can be hard to find and out of circulation, so it’s always great fun to pour through these huge bins.

My Friday night

So here I am, sitting in the hotel room at my laptop, uploading video files to the Beasts of War boys in Ireland, fondling my bitz and having a tasty cocktail. In my humble opinion, there are worse ways to spend a Friday night.

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