Nerd Party in the Nerd Bunker (including grilled meats)

From time to time, an email starts going around amongst a bunch of guys I’ve known for a long time. Dates get discussed, plans and tactics are hashed out, and eventually (usually around 11 a.m.) a bunch of guys start showing up at the Nerd Bunker for a day of Warhammer 40k and other things, whatever they may be. This happened again last Saturday, and a fine time was had. We decided this time to try and have a few big three-on-three Combat Patrol battles on the big table.

Josh has his Tau deployed

The first battle was Chaos (me), Tau (Josh), and Imperial Guard (Rick) versus Necrons (Ben), Space Marines (Karl), and  Orks (Evil Steve). Ben’s Necron force included the new Wraiths, which are right bastards and we were all scared of them. They absorbed a ton of fire as they stalked ever closer to our front line.

3 versus 3 Combat Patrol makes for a pretty epic battle, somehow

My Chaos Space Marines were mostly lined up across the board from Steve and his Orks. I was feeling pretty good about this, as I had two heavy bolters in my unit of Havocs. Heavy bolters will usually chew up a unit of lightly armored Orks, however my dice were terrible and I only killed a few and soon they were upon me. Rick and Josh worked over the Necron Wraiths and they finally died, but we were looking pretty weak.

My Chaos Havocs were holding it down, until they were overrun by Orks

Eventually, it became clear that our side could possibly win if my lone squad of Plague Marines could spread out enough to still stay in coherency (two inches between figures) and be within three inches of two separate objectives (they could), and if Josh’s lone Tau gun drone could fly close enough to one of the objectives that the other team held so that we could contest it (it could), and then the game had to randomly end on turn five. If it went to turn six or the dreaded turn seven, then our carefully constructed house of cards would come tumbling down and we would all die horribly, as per usual. Luckily for us, at the end of turn five, Rick rolled a die to see if the game would end (it would only end on a 1 or a 2 result) and it did. We actually cheered, as we snatched victory from the sticky maw of defeat.

Battle makes one hungry for meat, it seems

It was then time to grill many meats. It was raining a bit, but that didn’t stop us from firing up the coals and getting our carnivore on. There was steak, burgers, brats, and fancy ribs brought by Ben, who is a professional chef when he is not the general of an unstoppable Necron death machine. We then retired to the basement to fill our stomachs and talk shop.

Eventually, it was time to play a second game. Karl had to leave, but Black Tom had arrived with a 400-point group of Lamentors (Space Marines) in tow. The second game ended up being Chaos Space Marines (me), Tau (Josh), and Necrons (Ben) versus Imperial Guard (Rick ), Tau (Evil Steve), and Space Marines (Black Tom). This scenario was Capture and Control, so we each had a single objective in our deployment zones. The less said about this battle, the better. The game ended early, as our team was nearly unstoppable (due to some pretty lucky rolls, to be fair) and the fact that we really, really dug in on our objective. It was going to take an act of God to get two squads of Plague Marines, a squad of Firewarriors and three Battlesuits off of our precious objective.

Between the Plague Marines, the Firewarriors and the Battlesuits, I think we have this objective held

All in all, it was another good day in the Nerd Bunker, and it really inspired me to switch gears for awhile and get some terrain done. I have so much of it, but so little of it is painted, and I want to try to fix that. Plus, switching up things like that (going from painting figures to working on terrain) helps reduce gamer burnout.


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