The Start of a Dreadnought and a Nurgle Daemon Prince

Just a quick post to show you a few photos of two bigger projects that I’m working on: a Chaos Dreadnought converted from a Venerable Dreadnought that I picked up on eBay; and a Nurgle Daemon Prince made out of Finecast.

My converted Chaos Dreadnought, nicknamed “Zoidberg”

I wanted to field a Chaos Dreadnought (even though they used to be super-unpredictable in the rules but were recently fixed some) but the current model is terrible: it’s metal, so it weighs a ton; and it’s prohibitively ugly. Really, really ugly. So I figured I’d convert a loyalist Dreadnought and say that it was corrupted by Chaos, etc. I found a mostly built Venerable Dreadnought on eBay and picked it up. All it really took was a good deal of work with my Dremel to properly pit and corrode the model and then adding in the tentacles that are escaping from the inside of the vehicle, and boom: Chaos Dreadnought. Lastly, I primed and highlighted it with my airbrush and now I’m starting to lay down a very dark blue with Secret Weapon Miniature’s line of washes. Once that’s done, I’ll move onto metal details.

The Finecast Nurgle Daemon Prince, before priming and shading (left) and after (right)

The Nurgle Daemon Prince is something I was always interested in, but again, he was always metal and the last thing I want is a metal model that’s the size and weight of a baseball. However, he was recently re-released in Finecast (Games Workshop’s new resin line of models) which is lighter and a bit easier to work with, but the models are usually poorly cast and filled with pits, bubbles, and other surface imperfections. But, since he’s a Nurgle Daemon Prince (who’s already covered in boils and other horribleness) I figured that being a poorly-cast Finecast model wouldn’t matter. This was mostly true, but I did have to use my heat gun to straighten out his sword, which came to me pretty bendy. He went together pretty easily and I added some tiny little skeletal wings to his back, because a Daemon Prince without the Wings rule is like a day without sunshine. I’ve started to paint his skin a bright green color (using “Fallout” and “Green” washes from Secret Weapon Miniatures again) and look forward to trying some rust and corrosion techniques to his sword and armor.

I’m really looking forward to getting him and Zoidberg all finished up. After these guys are done, then I’ll either be moving on to some more Plague Marines or (more likely) some vehicles, like my two Vindicators. They need to be painted up so they start working better in my battles. Everyone knows that painted models work better, so once all my Chaos Space Marine force is finished, I’ll be nigh-invincible, I assume.


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