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Quick Notes from Adepticon 2012

I attended my second Adepticon this past weekend and I have to say that I enjoyed myself just as much as I did last year. Eric and I left early on Friday morning and got to our hotel (we don’t stay in the hotel that the event is held in, we stay in a hotel across the adjacent Target parking lot which is cheaper and has better amenities) around 11a.m. or so. We checked in, unloaded our stuff and headed over to the convention to do recon and meet up with friends for lunch.

The big 40k Championship tournament on Friday at Adepticon

The main 40k championships were already hopping. 240-ish contestants were playing all day Friday to end up with 16 finalists for the big final day on Sunday. I’m not going to lie to you: there were a lot of Grey Knights players there. A lot. After lunch, several of us started playing a game called “There’s One” which played like this: a person standing in the middle of the tourney area pointed in any random direction (even behind them) and said “There’s one,” and the rest of us would determine if the player was in fact pointing at a Grey Knights army. If he was, then we all won, or possibly lost, depending on your point of view. But I digress.

Totally sweet Dark Eldar display board for the team tourney on Saturday

There was some amazing-looking stuff there, however. Nearly everywhere you looked, there were great looking armies sitting on the tabletop. It’s really refreshing to go to a tournament and see painted figures pretty much everywhere. That, and the decent terrain supplied by the Adepticon organizers, really made these games look epic which is a big part of why I enjoy playing.

I only went to the big bitz seller once this year; I was very proud of myself

Adepticon is also a great place place to pick up deals, and not just from the regular vendors that take up a third of the main hall. I assure you, I did visit many of those vendors (and picked up my Forge World order… woo-hoo no shipping cost!) but the real deals come out at night, after the tournaments and before they kick us out at midnight. After the tournies, people take over the gaming tables and the whole area becomes one huge gaming garage sale. This year I picked up a brand new Space Marine Predator kit (only thing missing was the shrink-wrap on the box) for $30 (retail is $50) and 10 Space Marine Scouts (new on the sprues) for $15 (retail would be $40-ish) and a whole bunch of “bitz” for my current Chaos Space Marine army and my upcoming Black Templar army. It’s also a great time to meet people you haven’t seen in a long time and people you may only know from online and just talk shop and laugh.

Some of the 40K Championship Finals were broadcast on the web

By Sunday, my voice was starting to go and I was bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. The 16 finalists in the 40k Championship (fully half of which were Grey Knights players) were sequestered away in their own special room, and die-hards were watching the matches and speaking to each other in hushed tones, like at a golf tournament. Some of the matches were broadcast online, which was sort of neat. I had a few more interviews to do (I had been shooting for Beasts of War all weekend like last year) and then we finally said our goodbyes and made the three-hour trip back home.

Overall, it’s a great convention. Some day, I might play in one of the Combat Patrol tournaments for fun, but I’d never play in one of the big tournies (except maybe the team tournament if we got to make wacky matching t-shirts and all that stuff and went for one of the obscure awards) because it seems pretty grueling and then your game is no longer fun. I do really enjoy going and seeing it all, though, and I suspect I would still go (at least one day) even if I wasn’t playing in any of the tournaments or shooting for Beasts of War. Speaking of which, take a look at my preliminary walkthru from Friday if you get the chance.

Versus the Crimson Wolves (or Space Fists)

A few Thursdays ago I played another 1750-point game of Warhammer 40,000 in the Nerd Bunker. It was against John, whom I’ve played many times before, but always in lower point Combat Patrol games. This time, we were playing a much bigger game and I still had my previous 1750-point list (with Uncle Tickles et al.) and John was using his Crimson Fists figures, running under the Space Wolves codex, as in our past battles. I still haven’t completely decided whether I prefer to call his force the Crimson Wolves or the Space Fists, but I think I’m leaning toward the latter. Either way, John needed to proxy some of the figures and vehicles for the list he was trying out, so if you see some figures in the photos that don’t look right, don’t worry about it. And, if you see some soda cans on the table, those are drop pods. Don’t worry about those either.

Those Coke Zero cans represent drop pods, and these forces in my backfield represent a definite problem for me

So the mission was Capture and Control (the mission with the two objectives, one in each deployment zone) and the deployment was Spearhead (from diagonal table quarters) and the beginning was pretty low-impact. One of my Vindicators shelled some of his missile-wielding Long Fang units hiding in a building (and they all passed their cover saves) and he rained some missiles down on some of my vehicles with very little effect. But the forces that deployed from his first turn drop pods were going to be a pretty big problem for me. Luckily, I had good old Uncle Tickles and my daemon prince on my side.

"Listen guys... do you hear something? It sounds like something about to die in a hail of missiles."

However, in actuality, both of my HQ units did so little before dying that it was sad. Uncle Tickles got into a fight with Logan Grimnar (big boss-man of the Space Wolves) and could have snuffed him, but I didn’t roll high enough and he only caused a wound or two before succumbing to Logan’s dual power fist auto kill gauntlets which also shoot, I believe. And the daemon prince (who still doesn’t have a name) deepstruck into John’s backfield (as his drop pods had done into mine) and got shot to hell by all of John’s missile launchers from his dreaded Long Fang units.

A Rhino full of Chaos Space Marines shows up to reinforce the Plague Marines protecting my objective

So then, it was up to the infantry to hopefully hold on to my objective and save the day. I still had a working Vindicator that was slowly advancing on one of the hideouts in John’s deployment zone that was full of missile-launching Long Fangs (and also held his objective, which I didn’t technically realize until later) and it was drawing a lot of missile fire, but it just kept a-movin’. I also had a group of three Terminators that ended up not doing anything super helpful, and I still had two (out of three) Obiliterators that had been hiding in a crater for the entire game and just trying to lay down long range fire and make John think twice about advancing any of his vehicles.

"Hey, where'd our vehicle go? And why are we standing in this crater?"

Eventually, things started to accelerate. The Chaos Space Marines who had been in a Rhino during the entire game found themselves standing in a crater, confused and missing a few of their comrades after their Rhino finally had enough with the missiles and blown the hell up. Luckily, they were close enough to the Plague Marines and the objective that they were able to provide back up for their pestilent friends and keep the objective safe. I was losing troops as John’s Space Fists kept marching forward, but then he had a revelation: I had scoring troops on my objective, but he was using all of his scoring troops to menace my scoring troops, which meant he didn’t have his objective properly held, as far as the rules were concerned. If the game ended on Turn 5 (which it could, since the number of turns in the game is random between 5-7) there was a good chance I would win. This caused him to move some of his troops back on a forced march to his objective.

MVP of the game, in my opinion

At the same time, I realized that one of my trusty Vindicators (which had been shrugging off missile fire all game but doing very little else other than moving forward) was going to soon be in range of contesting John’s objective. The Vindi couldn’t take the objective, but it could cause John’s troops to be unable to score their objective (if they got there in time) and it could try to shell them as they headed toward said objective. John realized this as well, and more and more missiles rained on the lone Vindicator, but it just kept coming.

Luckily for me, at the end of Turn 5, John rolled a 1 to determine that the game ended then, and I won 1-0. If it had gone on to Turn 6, I doubt that I would have been able to hold on, but it still might have been a draw. If the game had gone on all the way to Turn 7, I’m fairly sure I would have lost. It was a lot of fun, and I think that if John had left a scoring unit on his objective from the start (as I usually do… sometimes to my detriment) then the best I could have done would be a draw. The mixture of the toughness of the Space Wolves codex, the age of the Chaos Space Marine codex, and the experience difference between John and myself (he’s been playing a long time) would have made it pretty difficult for me to win in a stand up fight. But we both had fun, and we’re both planning to get together and play another 1750-point game soon.

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