Gaming Debut in the Nerd Bunker

I know this might seem at first glance like a repeat of my previous post about the Nerd bunker, but it’s not. The Nerd Bunker relates to the whole basement, except for the Outlying Territory (the root cellar) and the Forbidden Zone (the weird crawlspace area with the gravel floor). The studio area I built for shooting Beasts of War videos is only a portion of the wonder and greatness that is the Nerd Bunker. The majority of the real estate down there is set up for gaming, and this Saturday it got its large-scale debut.

Left to right: Kelly, Adam, Karl, Ben, Rick, Josh and Kevin are all blinded by the lights

Nine or ten guys showed up and played, painted, chatted, ate chips and drank some beer. I had my normal 4×6 table cleaned off and ready to go, and two new additional temporary 4×4 tables. Everyone mostly brought 400-point Warhammer 40k lists for Combat Patrol games, and the big table was used for team Combat Patrol, which worked pretty well from what I understand.

The battle rages, I guess? It's hard to tell with tabletop miniatures games

I need to work a few bugs out of the layout of the place, and finish the painting and the rest of the organizing, and then I just need to throw a whole bunch of stuff away, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It took a lot or work to get here, and there’s a lot more work to do, but now at leas the “deadline” is past and I can try and go at a somewhat slower pace, if that’s even possible.

I even got two games in, one against Rick and his Imperial Guard, which I only barely won, in my opinion (but I did successfully pop one of his Chimera transports *BOOM*) and one against Kevin and his Eldar War Walker list, which killed me so bad that there wasn’t even a stain left to clean up at the end (technically, I did kill a couple of his War Walkers, but he has so many of them). It was a good time, and I look forward to playing more games down there in the future.


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The Statistics – 2013

Minis games played:
• WH40k (1850 pts):
   BT/GK vs Kevin (Eldar/DE) LOST
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• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
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