Nurgle Chaos Lord Conversion – Work in Progress

I figured I’d make a short post and show you the progress I’m making on my Nurgle Chaos Lord conversion, which I first mentioned in a post from a few weeks ago. I like how he’s turning out so far.

Nurgle Chaos Lord conversion

In spectacular 360-Vision!

I did the priming in black with my airbrush, making him the first single figure I’ve primed with my airbrush (I primed a vehicle a month ago with it). I used the Vallejo Black Primer (the bottle, not the spray) and it works great. And easy, really smooth coat that’s easy to get in all the nooks and crannies. Priming with the airbrush also wastes a lot less paint. I’m really looking forward to doing more priming soon.

The basecoat green was also done with the airbrush, using Vallejo Model Air paint. I tried to only get it to come down from the top to give the illusion of highlight and shadow. You can’t really tell how well it worked in these shots, as they’re lit by the shoplight on my workbench which throws off a heck of a shadow by itself. Hopefully, when the figure is finished and I shoot pictures of it in my lightbox setup, then the effect from the airbrush basecoating will really stand out.

So for now, I’m adding some washes to the skin and I’ve painted his chainmail loincloth (*shudder*… pinchy) all metallic, so next it’ll be painting a dark metallic color on his boots and wrists, then figure out what I want to do with his shoulderpads and those big honkin’ spikes.


1 Response to “Nurgle Chaos Lord Conversion – Work in Progress”

  1. 1 Will June 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Dude this looks fantastic.

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