Finished Plague Marines

Yesterday was Labor Day in America, and I did do a bit of labor while I was home from work on a Monday: I mowed the lawn, I raked the yard a bit, and I finished my Plague Marines for the Combat Patrol tournament this upcoming Saturday.

Touch Me, I'm Sick

I like the way they turned out; they’re subtle. I wanted them to look a bit moldy and rusty and dirty, but it still wanted them to have the Black Legion gold and black shoulderpads. The rust wash that I applied worked out pretty well, but not as well as I had hoped. In my mind, it was going to be much brighter and stand out more in the crevices, but maybe that would have been too much, now that I look at them.

Two 'akimbo' style plague marines and my first plasmagunner

I didn’t try to get too detailed and fall prey to the dreaded “paint each piece of detail a different color” because I wanted them to look as if they were covered in a layer of something, and that something is something that you don’t want to get on you. I still did some little details like the skulls and arrows and hoses on the backpacks and the weird bumpy icky things on some of their leg armor, but I mainly tried to let the many layers of washes and drybrushing speak for themselves, I guess.

Chainswords and pistols

They’re been sprayed with Dullcote matte varnish and I’ve decided to not add any glossy “wet” looking bits to this batch. Maybe the next group of Plague Marines (this is less than half of what I eventually want in my entire Chaos Space Marine army) will have some “wet look” sores or other generally icky bits that I’ll brush on with a gloss varnish after the matte spray has dried.

Another labor that I undertook during my Labor Day weekend was the priming of the next five ‘regular’ Chaos Space Marines for my overall group of ten for the tournament, and I finally used my airbrush to prime and highlight my crooked Chaos Rhino. The airbrushing went without incident and the effect turned out pretty well, but that’s more for another post.

3 Responses to “Finished Plague Marines”

  1. 1 Ork enthusiast! September 12, 2011 at 9:23 am

    I totally copied you and bought a pack of shitcast plague marines. there’s not too many air bubbles though and the air bubbles just make them look more putrid and bubbly.

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