‘Lost’ in Hell Dorado, Part One

Last year at GenCon, I purchased a few starters for a new-ish skirmish game from Cipher Studios called Hell Dorado. It’s a game that pits different forces against each other at the mouth of Hell, which seems to be somewhere in Europe, I think. Actually, I haven’t read much of the fluff yet, so don’t quote me on that.

I love me some skirmish gaming, and recently I built and started work on painting up the ‘Lost’ faction starter, which is all lizardmen. The scuplts are really cool.

Primed and basecoated in one step

Being lizards, I figured that green would be a good base color to start with, and if I could prime and basecoat all in the same can, then all the better. I fell back on one of my old favorites, Krylon Camouflage Paint. The color I used here was the ‘Woodland Light Green’ flavor. This stuff is technically designed to stick to plastic, but it sticks to metal quite nicely, too. And it has a really nice ultra-flat surface which makes it great to paint on top of.

Now that these guys are dry, the next step will be to hit them all with a wash. I’m thinking about slobbering them all in a brown wash like Games Workshop’s Delvan Mud, and then adding a wash of the Badab Black wash to the undersides of the models (underarms, between the legs, etc.) to create shadow areas. As soon as I do that, I’ll let you know how they look in Part Two.


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