Adepticon and Me Fondling My Bitz

Just a short post: I’m here at Adepticon in Lombard, IL just outside of lovely Chicago. Adepticon is one of the largest independent tabletop miniatures conventions out there, and I’m here shooting videos and doing interviews for Beasts of War. It’s been a busy first day with a few setbacks (handheld microphone stopped working!) and some great finds (the bitz seller from GenCon is here!) to fill my day.

To those that aren’t nerds like me: bitz are the individual pieces that make up the models that we build in our wargaming hobby. When you buy a kit, you get a sprue (fancy word for the frame that holds all the pieces together) and you cut the pieces you need off of it. You’re usually left with leftover pieces, and most modelers just throw them in a drawer for another day. However, some places sell them for cheap, and if you’re the seller at the convention today, you bring literally more than a ton of bitz to the convention, all individually bagged and priced in tiny ziplocs, and categorized by type (Space Marines, Tau, Ork, etc.) and some of these pieces can be hard to find and out of circulation, so it’s always great fun to pour through these huge bins.

My Friday night

So here I am, sitting in the hotel room at my laptop, uploading video files to the Beasts of War boys in Ireland, fondling my bitz and having a tasty cocktail. In my humble opinion, there are worse ways to spend a Friday night.


5 Responses to “Adepticon and Me Fondling My Bitz”

  1. 1 lee April 1, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Only you would whip out your bitz and leave them lying on the desk for the world to see. Tell Sam Good Luck for me.

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