Mobile Painting Studio

So yesterday, my good friend whom I eat lunch with most weekdays told me he wouldn’t be available for lunch tomorrow, as he had an appointment. Therefore, I’d be eating lunch alone on Thursday. I thought about bringing something to read or something to do, and then had a revelation: lunchtime would be the perfect time to try out my Mobile Painting Studio.

On the left: my Mobile Painting Studio. On the right: my lunch.

My friend Sam uses the same type of setup, and after seeing him carry his paints and supplies around, I remembered that I had a tacklebox just like that in the basement somewhere, filled with old WizKids MechWarrior: Dark Age figures and dead spiders. Last week I dug it out, dumped all the figures and random ick out of it (it spent several years outside on our back porch, so it was very dusty and had been inhabited) and threw it in the tub. I cleaned it out mostly and set it out to dry.

It’s now filled with all of my miniatures paints (Citadel, Reaper and Vallejo paints, not the bigger, cheaper paints you get from Hobby Lobby and use for terrain) and brushes and hobby knives and wet palette and I even use one drawer just for carrying the miniatures I’m currently painting. It’s seriously handy, especially when you don’t currently have a proper place to paint (my painting table is all folded up and stored away for now in the Nerd Bunker) and if you carry your paints and such to places to paint, like when I go to the Tabletop Minions meetings on Tuesday nights or if I go to paint at a friend’s house.

In a future blog post, I might even go in-depth into what went into the creation of the Mobile Painting Studio, so you can get some ideas and build your own. Keep an eye here for more details.

And how did my lunchtime painting go? I nearly have some Kroot ready to go and ready to show you. A little more work on the bases and a little drybrushing on their weapons and they’re all done.

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