Start of a Saga: The Nerd Bunker

As you may have noticed from some previous mentions on my site, my wife and I have purchased a house, and we moved in at the beginning of October, just before OshCon, the local tabletop gaming convention I run. Having both of those things happen within a week of each other was a bit of a nightmare, but the nightmare is now over, and it’s time to get settled. We’re both busy, active people so this has gone a bit more slowly than we hoped, but that’s the way life works.

Of course, the big bonus to buying a house is that it comes with a basement, and it looks like the basement is going to be mine all mine (except for the two side storage rooms, which will be used for keeping weird things we don’t seem to be able to throw away) so from now on the basement will be referred to as The Nerd Bunker. It will be where my computer workstation will be, my miniatures and drawing table will be, and where the shelves for all my gaming stuff will end up. However, it won’t just end there; I’ll be adding new things down there as well, like more shelving, a workbench (which won’t just be for gaming stuff, technically), a spray room, a conversation lounge, and of course, the gaming table – a sturdy four foot by six foot monster which will probably get built in the early spring. However, before any of that can happen, I will have a lot of work to do.

The current view from the bottom of the stairs

Before moving in, I was looking at the basement and thinking about all the different ways I was going to change it: a drop-ceiling, drywall, some sort of floor covering, etc. But then I thought about it and realized that would be a stupendous amount of work, and to what end? Just to make it not seem like such a basement? Is playing games in the basement not our heritage? So the idea of The Nerd Bunker was born. I will revel in, if not accentuate its basementness.

Progress: The first wall painted

So work has begun. During the move, all the boxes of my stuff that were marked BASEMENT or NERD STUFF all ended up down there, stacked in a generally random manner. Therefore, step one was to clear out an area (through shifting things around and putting certain things into the side storage rooms) so that it was empty enough to be properly cleaned and vacuumed and then attack the walls with a thick, white block filler paint made for cinder block. As you can see above, Mission Accomplished. This area will be the conversation lounge area, eventually. You’ll also notice a door in that photo, and that door leads to a small little area that will eventually be the spray room, a room I’ll be able to airbrush in to start, and hopefully be able to use “rattle-can” spray paint in (once I install some kind of ventilation system) down the road.

The next mission

Next, I need to clear more stuff into the side rooms and start work on the back corner, which will eventually become the workbench area. There’s also currently a non-working refrigerator and a possibly-working chest freezer in that corner that I’m going to have to deal with. Once I’ve moved and /or disposed of those, I’ll be able to properly clean and vacuum that corner, get rid of all the spiderwebs and dust, and then paint.

If I’m lucky and good, I’ll be nearly ready by spring. And by spring, I might mean as late as May, I guess. The biggest question mark at this point is the floor. What am I going to do with it? It’s not particularly level or anything, so maybe I’ll just wash it really well and call it a day. Perhaps I’ll seal it in some way. I kicked around the idea of using the fancy epoxy coating (with sprinkles!) and doing the whole basement that way, but that stuff is pretty expensive, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll be making periodic posts here about the progress of The Nerd Bunker so you can keep up on how it’s going. Also, if it seems I’m not doing as many hobby-related posts here over the winter, it may be because I’m mainly working on The Nerd Bunker or gaming to relax. Hopefully I’ll still be able to keep up with my modeling and painting.

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