Wargames Factory Shock Troops FINISHED

When I took the time out of packing for our move to set up my lightbox and shoot my finished Tau and finished Steam Golem, I also shot finished photos of the finished Wargames Factory Shock Troops that I test painted. I did two test paints: one in a desert color scheme and one in darker olive color. I really like how they both turned out, and I think I’ll be painting the rest of the box in both of these color schemes.

The desert-themed Shock Trooper

Once you get them put together (which is a little more fiddly than I would like, arms-wise) and get them sprayed with your Krylon Camouflage paint (which acts as both primer and basecoat), they paint up pretty quick. I mainly used washes and a few other colors for boots and gloves, and then it was some drybrushing and painting the base and there’s your finished figure. I think it came out pretty well for a test piece, and I’m glad I wrote down the steps (or “recipe”) that I used to paint it, so I can paint eight more of the guys in the box in this same theme.

Two views of the "olive" Shock Trooper

I really like the test I did using the Krylon Camouflage “Olive” color, as well. Again, a very simple color set, but with the Games Workshop washes and a little drybrushing for the metallics and the mud on the boots and the bottom of the coat, it can be very effective. I’m going to paint up eight more guys in this color scheme as well, and then I’ll have nine of each of the color schemes and that’ll be the whole box of 18 figures all finished. Hopefully by then, they’ll have the new Shock Troop heavy weapons team available for sale, and then I’ll have another project.


2 Responses to “Wargames Factory Shock Troops FINISHED”

  1. 1 Lee October 28, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    They look great. I look forward to crushing them on the field of battle, Flying Lead style.

  1. 1 2010 in review « atom smashing Trackback on January 3, 2011 at 11:01 am

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