Tuesday Night’s Game

Lee and I got together at House of Heroes last Tuesday night to play a game of Flying Lead, something that had been pushed to the back burner for quite awhile due to playtesting Lee’s Fear and Faith scenario for OshCon and the introduction of Zombie Dice, which will push a lot of things to the back burner (like eating and sleeping). We were planning on 600 point squads on a standard 3×3 foot board. We got everything set up and got started after some after-work chatting and a quick nosh.

No, it's not hiding, it's strategy

We used a lot of terrain, as one does with skirmish games like Flying Lead, and then positioned our teams. Lee won the roll for first turn (which never happens) and started moving his men up. Upon my turn, I did the same. We traded shots for a bit back and forth, and then… first blood. I dropped one of Lee’s soldiers and then used a few other figures in my squad to finally mop him up.

Shortly after that, things went poorly for me. Lee got a lucky shot off on my leader and I rolled really badly for his defense, and he was knocked Out of Action. This caused me many problems, the worst of them being that a Leader-type being killed or knocked Out of Action causes an automatic Morale check. One of my regular soldiers ran off as did my Medic character, which really hurt my chances. Without a Medic character, my Out of Action leader couldn’t be revived, so he was effectively dead. Did I mention that my leader also had the Sniper skill? So in one shot (and a few lousy Morale checks) my squad had been relieved of its leader, medic, a foot-slogger and my only character with Sniper.

They call him Mister Heavy Weapon Guy

However, Morale can work both ways. I had soon worked my last remaining personality, a figure with the Hero special ability and a really big gun, into a firing position and messed up a few of Lee’s men. Then, in the next turn or two I was able (with a pretty lucky roll) to knock Lee’s leader Out of Action. This caused him to make Morale checks, and it turns out that most of his remaining figures were actually big girl’s blouses. After all the running and crying and soiling of body armor, Lee had one lone figure left. And then eventually that guy was killed.

By the way, the scenario was to collect the most of the three items on the board, but in our group, the games rarely end that way.

The important thing we both learned that night was that Morale can be a real son of a gun and if your leader isn’t completely hidden in cover, then you should not put figures you want to keep too close to the table’s edge in case they end up R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

1 Response to “Tuesday Night’s Game”

  1. 1 Lee July 27, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    If I ever win a game of FLYING LEAD, I’m pretty sure reality will implode.

    Morale is a harsh, fickle mistress.

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