A Bit One-Sided

Lee and I got together on Saturday and played another game of Flying Lead. It was a simple game of 600 points with six objectives on the board. The first person to capture an objective would roll a D6, and on a six that would give them a point. Once the second objective was captured, the point would be given on a roll of a five or a six, and the third objective would be scored on a four, five or six, and so on.

A well-protected position

I had five figures on my team, and I believe Lee had six. I had a Leader/Hero and a Medic/Sniper for my personalities, two standard grunts with assault rifles and a heavy gunner with a light machine gun. Lee had a leader and several combat medics, a few other soldiers and a figure with a flamethrower, which I was rather nervous about, as I had never fought against a flamethrower before.

However, luck was on my side, and not on Lee’s (as is frequently the problem) and I got the first objective and rolled a six. Therefore I was in the lead, objectives-wise. I also started making a series of pretty lucky shots, knocking one of his combat medics Out of Action pretty early on. His flamethrower turned out to be pretty ineffective, as well. He used it on me several times, but his attack rolls and my defense rolls added up to my figures wearing asbestos underwear, evidently.

Eventually, Lee’s leader was killed outright, which made for a nasty morale check that cost him another soldier, leaving him with one. At this point, I had been very lucky and hadn’t lost a single man. In the end, it was just a case of my soldiers ganging up on his last figure and finishing the game.

It was a good time and I’m looking forward to playing again. We’re getting the rules figured out more and more, so the play goes along pretty well. We’re really looking forward to some sci-fi expansion rules, perhaps covering power armor and jump packs. Hopefully we’ll see them soon.

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