A Wasted Month and Painter’s Block

Again, I’ve been away for a good long time, and you should be receiving your hand-written apology letters by courier any day now. Go check your porch to see if maybe they left it out there while you were away. I’ll wait here.

Anyway, April was mainly destroyed by the preparations for and the occurrence of my brother’s wedding, in which I was best man. Then, I traveled to Seattle for work and a tiny bit of vacation.

Seattle is great, you should go there

After returning from the Great North-wet (it didn’t rain that much while I was there, but at one point I was pelted with hail while the sun was shining) I had seemed to have lost my desire to paint. I’ve always found that if I’m not in the mood to paint, then I need to take a week off, and then try and force it. If it still seems like a chore, I give it some more break time and then force it again. I just keep this cycle up until I finally look forward to painting when I’m not painting. Like right now, I’d rather be home painting than typing up this blog post on my lunch period at work. Therefore, I’m back in the saddle, if you will. Maybe give this a try next time you have painter’s block, and let me know how it works for you. Your mileage may vary.

Since I’m re-saddled, I have almost completely finished another squad for my merc unit. They’re six space marine scouts, including a metal space marine scout sergeant or captain or something with a cape. He’s the last to finish in this group, and he’ll probably be done tonight. I’ll try to take photos this weekend and then decide what to paint next.


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