Just a Little Fantasy

Tuesday night, instead of playing the Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) game like we usually do, Lee and I played Song of Blades and Heroes (Ganesha Games) instead, which is a great little fantasy skirmish miniatures game. It was an enjoyable time.

Guess who's NOT getting up this turn?

The game moves really quickly (especially with the kinds of rolls we were having: I was throwing rocks and Lee could barely get above a 2 on a D6) and we were playing with really small warbands to kind of test it for Fire & Ice at the end of the month. Each of our warbands was only 100 points, and each player usually plays with a force three times that size. It still scales pretty well, and I was home in time to watch Jon Stewart.

1 Response to “Just a Little Fantasy”

  1. 1 Lee February 9, 2010 at 10:12 am

    I blame your demonic dice.

    Here’s an idea: Diceless miniatures game.

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Minis games played:
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• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
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