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Finally Getting Some Miniatures Done, Part 1

Have I mentioned in the past that I’m a slow painter? I am. A very slow painter, unfortunately. But this past weekend, Eric and I had another Paintpocalypse and I got a bunch of stuff done. Behold:

The first squad of my 'yet as unnamed' mercenaries

I don’t play the Warhammer 40,000 ruleset, as I have mentioned in the past. However, I love their ‘fluff’ (backstory, novels, artwork, etc.) and think that they make some of the coolest miniatures in the industry. So I ended up with a few bits and pieces that I had come across here and there, and I eventually had an idea to create a mercenary unit for a different sci-fi miniatures game (in this case, Flying Lead, which can use any miniatures) and then I’d have an excuse to cherry pick a bunch of space marines (and the like) to build my merc unit.

I eventually decided on a color scheme (the reasons behind it will appear in a later post) and slowly started working on these six marines. All of the figures except the soldier with the rocket launcher are newer, plastic space marines that I bought off of a guy I know who sells miniatures on eBay. The figure with the missile launcher is an older, metal marine and I purchased him when I was still in college. That means it took me at least 15 years to get him painted. I’ll probably need to work a bit faster than that in the future.

Anyway, I mostly like the way they turned out (I need to get that guy with the pole on his back some sort of flag or banner or something) and have two other squads completely built, based and primed, waiting to also be painted in this matter: a squad of five or six space marines mainly kitted out for melee combat and a squad of six space marine scouts with the lighter armor and the fancy cloaks. I’m not sure which group I’ll start next.

Sci-fi Greatcoat Infantry

First, I’m going to be a teenage girl here and say: OMG.

Screencap from the Beasts of War video preview

I saw this video this morning on Tabletop Gaming News, made by the crazy guys from Beasts of War and I purchased one ticket to Bonertown:

I’ve been watching this product from Wargames Factory for a year now, maybe longer. It certainly feels longer. Wargames Factory makes plastic miniatures in tons of different genres (mainly historical), and they also have a section of their site called the ‘Liberty and Union League’ where users can come and suggest figures for Wargames Factory to design. If the idea gets enough votes (via ‘pre-orders’ where no actual money is put down) then Wargames Factory will produce and sell these figures.

The first set of Liberty and Union League minis that I purchased were a set of zombies and they’re fun to build and paint. I’ve used some as playing pieces for our game Zombie Rally when giving demos at conventions, and I want to paint up the rest of them for funsies.

But I’m really looking forward to getting these greatcoat sci-fi guys. They have this very cool vibe of being sci-fi but also looking kind of retro and gritty. They can be the shocktroopers of some draconian futuristic society or post-apocalyptic vigilantes trying to wrest order back from the clutches of lawlessness. I plan to buy a bunch when they come out, which will hopefully be soon.

Dwarves vs. Orcs

Dale came over Saturday afternoon and we played a game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It was his first time playing, so we just played a simple “kill all the guys on the other team” kind of scenario, as opposed to some sort of “fancy business” scenario. I had a bunch of short-legged dwarves and he had a bunch of orcs and goblins.

Hot dwarf-on-orc action!

My guys were of higher Quality and had higher Combat values, but I only had six of them, and no ranged attacks. Dale had 10 orcs and goblins, but they were weaker units, in general. However, he did have several units with bows. At first, it didn’t seem very fair, and my dwarves were really rolling well for activations (but a bit lousy for combat rolls) and things seemed to be going my way. But then, I started blowing several crucial activation rolls, and then I started losing dwarves. It finally ended with me just squeaking out a victory due to a pretty brutal series of morale rolls that caused the rest of Dale’s team to run off the board.

Also, during the last week, I downloaded and printed Ganesha Games’ newest rules set, Flying Lead. This is a more modern set of rules able to recreate eras from World War II to near-future. After my first read-through, it seems to me to be a more detailed set of rules, in my opinion, than any other set of Ganesha Games rules. I’m really looking forward to being able to play it soon.

Just a Little Fantasy

Tuesday night, instead of playing the Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) game like we usually do, Lee and I played Song of Blades and Heroes (Ganesha Games) instead, which is a great little fantasy skirmish miniatures game. It was an enjoyable time.

Guess who's NOT getting up this turn?

The game moves really quickly (especially with the kinds of rolls we were having: I was throwing rocks and Lee could barely get above a 2 on a D6) and we were playing with really small warbands to kind of test it for Fire & Ice at the end of the month. Each of our warbands was only 100 points, and each player usually plays with a force three times that size. It still scales pretty well, and I was home in time to watch Jon Stewart.

Half-Day Game Day VII

So this past Saturday I spent 12 of my 24 Saturday hours at my local comics and games shop, House of Heroes in beautiful downtown Oshkosh. It was the seventh Half-Day Game Day and there were a good amount of people there all day long playing games and having fun.

Lots of people at the Half-Day Game Day

I played Give Me the Brain (Cheapass Games) and Infernal Contraption (Privateer Press), BANG! (daVinci Games) and prepared to run some Song of Blades and Heroes (Ganesha Games), but the situation never properly presented itself, unfortunately, so I was unable to get my minis on.

There were a bunch of other games that were played and as usual, the later evening consisted of Zombie Rally (Snarling Badger Games) and other zombie-related games. This is becoming a tradition, it seems, and I’m okay with that.

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• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
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 Fire & Ice
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