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Saturday Miniature Paintpocalypse

One of the supreme bonuses to not having any children is that on weekends, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want. My wife and I have spent many a Saturday laying around, playing video games, watching movies, going out to eat, etc. We also frequently spend our weekends enjoying our respective hobbies (my wife loves to knit and spin yarn, and I like to nerd it up with the miniatures, as you may have noticed) which also makes for a very good time.

The negative to not having children is that when we’re old, there better be awesome robots to take care of us, otherwise we are boned.

However, this weekend was not spent thinking about the impending non-robot apocalypse, it was spent painting miniatures. My good friend Eric came over and worked on his Blood Angels (he has an entire company that he’s starting, so he’ll be scraping mold lines and filing and gluing for a long time) while I happily painted away on several different projects at once.

The stars of this past Saturday

In the back row of the photo above, you will see the start of my sci-fi mercenary company. I don’t play Warhammer 40,000 but I do like a lot of their miniatures, specifically the Space Marines and the Necrons. I’m planning on using the above marines in Mutants and Death Ray Guns and in my own upcoming miniatures game, as well. I’ve got my color scheme nailed down, and these guys are nearly done as you see them here, they just need some touching up, their bases painted and then a coat of clear varnish for protection. You’ll notice the squad leader on the right, the missile soldier on the left and four riflemen in the middle. They’ve been fun fun to paint, but I’ve been going a bit slowly, like I do.

In the front row, we have three ‘fantasy-type’ miniatures. The middle figure is Eiryss, the Mage Hunter (or whatever) from Warmachine. She’s a good figure to have in my army, but this sculpt is horribly ugly and a pain in the ass to paint, so she’s kinda getting painted slowly. You may be seeing a pattern here, but there was some advancement on that front.

The two outside guys in the front row are both from Reaper Miniatures and they’re nearly done. They were both fun to paint, as every Reaper miniature I’ve ever painted has been. I’ll be using them for Song of Blades and Heroes (a great game, by the way) and I’m looking forward to painting the other three Reaper miniatures that are constructed and based on my desk.

When I get all of these miniatures finished, I’ll shoot good photos of them so you can check them out.

A Quick and Dirty Game

So, as part of my 2010 resolutions, I planned to play more miniatures games. Since it’s still January and the wheels haven’t come off of this whole ‘resolution’ thing just yet, Lee and I got together to play a small game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games.

We got together at House of Heroes on Saturday afternoon and set up a small 3-foot square map with some simple terrain I had brought from home. We modified the rules a bit and didn’t randomly create our squads.  We had four squad members each: a leader, two riflemen with assault rifles and we each had a specialist. I had a sharpshooter and he had a grenadier. The teams looked pretty equal to us (the MDRG rules don’t have a traditional ‘points’ system for making stats… the building rules should be coming out soon in a free supplement) and then we started playing.

Measuring range in Mutants and Death Ray Guns

The game mechanics are quick and elegant so things were moving fast. We were trading shots from cover, knocking each other down a few times, and then eventually there was a first kill. I think it was one of Lee’s troops, but I don’t remember completely. I really need to start taking better notes if I’m going to do more after action reports.

Lee kept playing aggressively and moving his units up. He killed one of my units and then started lobbing his grenades. My sharpshooter (easily my MVP of the battle)  scored a gruesome kill on one of his riflemen and caused a morale check. His soldiers were made of stone I guess, because only one of them ran for cover a little bit.

His grenadier ran up and lobbed an excellently placed grenade that could have killed one of my riflemen and my leader, but due to my excellent defensive rolling (for once) they were just both knocked down. Had this gone poorly, the game would have been really short.

Soon after, my sharpshooter killed Lee’s leader, causing another morale check. On this check, his remaining two units completely stood firm. I have to assume that they didn’t like that guy anyway, and were glad to see him dead.

Then my leader died, and it was just my sharpshooter versus two of Lee’s troopers, a rifleman and the grenadier, who was now out of grenades and only had a pistol. The pistol didn’t save him, as my valiant sharpshooter was able to get the drop on him and shoot him when he was knocked down, killing him. Unfortunately, the plucky sharpshooter’s luck had run out, and Lee’s last rifleman got the drop on him.

We had a really good time and felt that the squads were pretty evenly matched. Lee played pretty aggressively, which I’m pretty sure helped him in the end. I think we’re both interested in playing again soon, maybe with squads of five.

Excuses and Resolutions

So we’ll start with the excuses: you may notice that my last post was way back in September. This is ridiculous, and should get me thrown in jail. Luckily, our legal system doesn’t work that way, so I’m out, free as a bird and able to commit other crimes in the future like jaywalking and aggravated buggery.

An OshCon 2009 "action" shot

However, I do have reasons for my silence, however weak they may be: in early October, I ran OshCon 2009: a gaming convention here in Oshkosh, WI. This year was our biggest yet, with 233 attendees over the two days. Hey look, pictures! Obviously, a gaming convention doesn’t prepare for itself, so I was very busily crossing “i”s and dotting “t”s for weeks beforehand, including the date of my last post to this blog, meaning I did actually take time out of my busy preparations to give you a lame and phoned-in post. You’re welcome.

After OshCon, I attended RockCon in northern Illinois. That was really fun and I met some really cool people and found out that my hotel room didn’t give me a disease, so it was really win-win. I did accidentally (nearly) kill a guy, so it wasn’t all roses.

Then, let’s say work was pretty busy. Sure.

Then it was Thanksgiving, then St. Nick’s Day, then probably Presidents Day or something, then I started a tabletop miniatures gaming and hobby group, then built a web site and forum for said group, then Christmas. Everything is just a blur, frankly. Eventually, I found myself on the 2010 side of New Year’s, and now here we are. I did do a bunch of stuff during the time that this blog was dark, but I will post those things later, and make it look like new content. Aren’t you lucky?

Speaking of New Year’s, now is the time when I talk about my New Year’s resolutions. This year, I’m going to aim for an hour of painting and modeling per day. You read that correctly. Now, if I can’t paint on a Tuesday due to other commitments or something, then I just need to paint for two hours on Wednesday, and so on. Certainly, this may cause me to have to do a lot of catching up on weekends, but what the hell are weekends for, I might ask? Exactly. So an hour a day is the goal.

Another resolution: I am going to paint more, and buy less. Actually, the plan is to not buy any minis and just paint all the primed minis on my shelves and the un-primed and un-constructed minis in my storage boxes, but something awesome might come up, and I’m not made of stone, for Pete’s sake. However, I am going to stop surfing eBay and picking up things I don’t need just because they’re cheap. Do you know how many Necrons I ended up with doing that? A gaggle. A gaggle of Necrons. Or perhaps it’s a drudge.

I’m also resolving to get more terrain finished. I have half a dozen unfinished projects on and around my desk, and I have a brand spanking new Realm of Battle board sitting in my closet, waiting to be primed and painted. I really have to wait until spring and warmer weather to tackle that project, but I can work on several other terrain projects in the mean time, and I mean to.

Here come the Warjacks

Lastly, I resolve to play more. I have so many games, and I’m interested in many more. I’ve started a miniatures gaming club, so there should be plenty of opportunities to play. I’ve been playing Star Wars Miniatures most Tuesdays at the House of Heroes, but I really want to play more Warmachine (probably staying with the old Prime Remix rules instead of moving to the new Mk II rules) and AT-43 and Song of Blades and Heroes and Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Plus, there should be more playtesting of the rules that Peter and I are working on. Oh yeah, and I bought a copy of the new release of Space Hulk when it came out, so there’s that as well.

Anyway, enough rambling, I need to catch up on my painting for the week. It is a Saturday, after all.

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The Statistics – 2013

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• WH40k (1500 pts):
   BT vs Kevin (S.W.) LOST
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 Fire & Ice
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