More Work on the Manhunter

It has been a bit too hot to paint, lately. We sort of waited a little too long to fire up the air conditioners in our apartment once everything went (literally) to hell and the atmosphere started on fire (or at least feels like it did) so, though it’s currently starting to get nicer inside than it is outside, it was still a bit too hot to sit between my two desklamps and paint little people. Or, at least, until last night.

Manhunter, shot in my windowsill again

Manhunter, shot in my windowsill again

I worked for another hour and a half or so on this Khador Manhunter. He’s been fun, but I’d like to be done with him now and maybe go on to my Widowmakers. I should be done with him soon, I think. I just need to work on his gloves some more, some other little details here and there (like his belt buckle and the clasps on his belt pouches), the detailing on his hat and fuzzy-ass boots, and then paint his base and call it a day. I figure another hour and a half and then I should be able to varnish him.

Maybe before I start painting the Widowmakers, I’ll work on constructing more of the Destroyer warjack. Putting those guys together is such a chore, they always slow me down. Maybe, just to keep me interested, I’ll alternate between painting my four Widowmakers, constructing my Destroyer and maybe building and basing a new fig, too.  Probably another solo, like Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios. She’s kind of a goofy looking fig with that big flowing cloak and odd pose that just doesn’t do it for me, but she’s pretty good in the game, so that’s why I’m adding her to my army.

Peter and I have been doing more work on our new miniatures game ruleset, and we’ve even decided on a name. Maybe I’ll tell you the name next time. Maybe.

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