The Start of My Khador Force

I finally got my lighting box built and all set up for taking photos of miniatures and such. The images are turning out okay, but I might need to keep tweaking my camera technique.

My Khador Juggernaut warjack

My Khador Juggernaut warjack

This is a Khador Juggernaut warjack from Warmachine (Privateer Press). The warjack was kind of difficult to paint because it was so big. I’ve never painted a miniature that was so large. It was also problematic to construct, as the two pieces of the torso on Khador warjacks never fit properly together, and leave a gap. I used “green stuff” epoxy putty to close the gap.

The warcaster and her 'jack

The warcaster and her 'jack

The warcaster Sorscha was fun to paint. I used the standard colors for a Khador army, but I painted her differently than her image on the box or most of the examples I found online. I mostly like how they both worked out. I didn’t dip these models (for once) but used a lot of the Games Workshop washes on them for detailing and shading. I can’t suggest those washes enough. They work great.

I may add some static grass to the bases, but other than that, they’re done. Now I need to get moving on the other warjack in the battlegroup, the Destroyer.


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