Half Day Game Day V

I’m posting this from House of Heroes, here in beautiful downtown Oshkosh. Today is Half Day Game Day V, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Earlier I played Space Hulk (Games Workshop) as the genestealers. I stopped the dreaded, imperialist Space Marines from destroying my homeland (the floating, ancient starship) by killing them all and stabbibg their faces, as is the way of my ‘people’ (such as they are).

The evil Space Marines about to fall

The evil Space Marines about to fall

There are a bunch of other people here, playing a bunch of boardgames and card games. We run this event three times a year here at House of Heroes. It’s kind of a cross promotion for both the House and for OshCon, plus it’s a good excuse to spend a Saturday playing a bunch of games and meeting new people, which is also fun.

It is actually a Small World, after all

It is actually a Small World, after all

I’ve been seeing a lot of different games going on right now. Currently, I’m seeing Agricola (Z-man Games), Fjords (Rio Grande Games), and a Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) mini-tourney happening within 10 feet of me. I think there’s some Pokemon (Nintendo) going on over there, too. We’ll be doing it again in July or August, I suspect, so keep an eye out here at the blog and I’ll announce the next date when it’s determined.


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